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Branches of Stylistics

Stylistics is subdivided into Lingua Stylistics and Literary Stylistics.

1. Lingua Stylistics studies:

- Functional styles (in their development and current state).

- The linguistic nature of the expressive means of the language, their systematic character and their functions.

2.Literary Stylistics is focused on:

- The composition of a work of art.

- Various literary genres.

- The writer's outlook.

Both lingua Stylistics and literary Stylistics have certain areas of cross-reference, both study common ground of:

- the literary language from the point of view of its variability;

- the idiolect (individual speech) of a writer;

- poetic speech;

3. Comparative Stylistics.It analyses the stylistic resources at the crossroad of two languages, or two literatures and is obviously linked to the theory of translation:

4.Decoding Stylistics was developed in the works of L. V. Shcherba, B. A. Larin, M. Riffaterre. R. Jackobson and other scholars of the Prague linguistic circle. Prof. I. V. Arnold also made a serious contribution into this branch of stylistic study.

The act of speech, has the performer (sender) of speech and the recipient.The performer does the act of encoding and the recipient does act of decoding of the information.

5. Functional Stylistics is a branch of lingua Stylistics that investigates functional styles. (special sublanguages or varieties of the national language such as scientific, colloquial, business, publicist, etc).

Stylistic research is based on the level-forming branches that include :

· stylistic lexicology;

· stylistic phonetics (or phonostylistics):

· stylistic grammar which is subdivided into:

· stylistic Morphology;

· stylistic Syntax.


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