Insert the correct phrases in the letter

Dear Sirs
Order 7361

We have sent your consignment to our forwarding agents, and they are arranging shipment. Your goods will arrive ... the S / S Shannon before the end of the week. When the captain is satisfied that he has received the goods ... he will sign the Bills of Lading. These are usually completed ... And one of them will reach you a few days after we receive it. We shall send another copy by separate mail.

... The Bill of Lading you or your agent can keep it to prove ownership of the goods when the consignment arrives. We have, according to your instructions, made out the Bill of Lading ..., so that you can transfer ownership of the goods to another buyer, even before the consignment arrives, if you wish, by endorsing it.

Yours faithfully,

6. Translate the text into Russian

Negotiations are demanding and may become emotional. You may find your Russian negotiator banging his or her fist on the table or leaving the room. Accept such tactics with patience and calmness. They are designed to make it difficult for you to concentrate.

Russian negotiating teams are often made up of experienced managers whose style can be like a game of chess, with moves planned in advance. Wanting to make compromises may be seen as a sign of weakness.

Distinguish between your behavior inside and outside the negotiations. Impatience, toughness and emotion during the negotiations should be met with calmness, patience and consistency. Outside the negotiating process you can show affection and personal sympathy.

7. Read the text. For each statement 1 to 8 below choose:

a) true
b) false
c) does not say

Online sales are at different stages of development in different parts of the world. Of course, in a lot of places, not many people have computers at work, and even fewer have them at home. Even mail order has not developed. People do their shopping in street markets and traditional shops, so the growth of e - commerce will be very slow there.

In other markets, consumers use computers a lot, but they are very nervous about giving their credit card details online: they are afraid that computer hackers may steal them. The main job of online retailers is to persuade people that their details will be safe if they buy online.

In some places, shopping is no longer seen as a leisure activity. Traffic problems, the difficulty of parking, crowded shops and the high cost of goods in shops all mean that shopping is unpleasant. Thus, retailers have a big potential market. But even here, it will take a long time before people lose the need to touch and see certain types of goods before they buy them.

  1. The writer is a well - known expert on the subject of online sales.
  2. The article describes four types of market for online sales.
  3. In the first type of market, very few people have access to a computer.
  4. The writer thinks that it will take 30 years for online sales to develop in the first market described in the article.
  5. In the second type of market, people would like to give their credit card details online.
  6. In the third type of market, people would buy everything online if they could.
  7. The United Kingdom is a good example of the third type of market.
  8. The writer thinks online selling will last for 100 years.


1. Insert the gaps.

1. What ...? - 34 - 042 - 72 a) you still there?
2. I'm sorry, .... b) the line, please
3. 34 - 042 -72 c) thank you
4. Hold ... I'm putting you through. d) is the number, please
5. Hello, are .... e) are through now
6. Yes. d) what was the number you wanted?
7. ........... f) go ahead, please
8. Thank you

2. Write a letter, using these words and phrases.

Dear Sirs

We / receive / consignment / stationery /; 20th/ June. It looks / the cases / to broke / rough / handling. They / to damage / sea water. The agent / to continue / investigation. We / to let you know / the results.

This / to be / a c.i.f. shipment. We / to oblige / you / to take up / matter / insurers. The Insurance Certificate number / to be / MS 29271.

We enclose / the report / your agent that the damage / to notice / 20th/ June / port of Savannah.

Yours faithfully,

3. Translate the letter into Russian.

Dear Sirs

We have received your letter of March 3rd, In which you ask us to change the terms of insurance of equipment, suggested by us in the draft contract for the delivery of the equipment for the machine building plant. You suggest that the contract should provide insurance of the equipment against all risks.

We draw your attention to the fact that Ingosstrakh does not insure equipment delivered to Riyadh port against all risks. We know that insurance against all risks can be done with the London Insurance Company.

Yours faithfully,

4. Translate the letter from Russian into English.

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12 ճ г ( ) . - 40 , ' - 0,51 . .




5. Note the phrases:

In accordance with-

In favour of- Please open a Letter of Credit in favour of Whiteleaf Ltd (the Letter of Credit is for them)

On a regular basis- Every month, every quarter, etc.

On behalf of -acting for somebody

On time- At the right time

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