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Assignment 6

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Task 1

A.Complete the following sentences with the Future Simple and Future Continuous forms of the verbs in brackets

1. The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi (start) in February next year.

2. At this time tomorrow the boys of our group (play) football match in the University championship.

3. If the weather is good in London today, it probably (rain) tomorrow.

4. The secretary (inform) all the shareholders about the conference of the company in 2 days.

5. Let's stop here for a while, it is one of St. Petersburg's sights; the bridge (open) in a minute to let that ship through.

6. "Who (present) his new ideas and suggestions?" - the president of the company asked.

B.Open the brackets using the appropriate tense forms.

1. What (be) your role in this project?

2. What your students (discuss) now?

3. The delegation from Ireland (arrive) tomorrow at 7?

4. T. A. Edison (invent) modern electric bulb in 19th century.

5. The winds from the Atlantic (give) English climate mild winter and humid air.

6. When the students (come) into the classroom last time, the teacher (wait) for them.

C.Translate the following into English.

1. Кто открыл Австралию?

2. Наш самолет прибывает в аэропорт Джона Леннона через 30 минут.

3. Группа ученых нашей лаборатории начинает новую серию экспериментов над гелием-з.

4. Древние греки считали Афины лучшим среди городов мира.

5. - Что вы просматриваете? - Последние отчеты своих сотрудников.

6. Кто будет следующим королем Великобритании - Чарльз или Уильям?

Task 2

Read and translate the following text.


Hollywood | J. F. Kennedy

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