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Assignment 5

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Task 1

A.Make the following sentences negative.

Model: Our professor is having a lecture. (make) a report - Our professor is not making a report.

1. This liquid is cold. (boil)

2. I am doing my task in physics. (read) a magazine for fun

3. They are discussing their new idea. (look) through the documents

4. I am free right now. (sit up) for my exam

5. You are having a talk with new distributers. (sign) new contract

6. The teacher is examining the students. (have) a lecture

B.Complete the following sentences with the Present Continuous and Past Continuous forms of the verbs in brackets

Model: Jane (make) her technical drawing now. - Jane is making her technical drawing now.

1. My husband and his collegues (discuss) a new project of their firm in his study. Let's talk quietly.

2. Where is our President? - He (take) an ambassador of France now.

3. I (have) talks now and I'll call you later.

4. What they (do) at 6 p.m. last Tuesday? - They (go) to business-trip.

5. What J. Rouling (work) at at the present time? - She (work) at the script for a new film now as far as I know.

6. Is the boss in? - He (look) through the press in his office.

C.Translate the following sentences into English:

1. Над каким проектом вы сейчас работаете?

2. Наши студенты сейчас в Санкт-Петербурге. Они принимают участие в международном студенческом форуме.

3. Я работаю над статьей. Не мешай мне.

4. Вы сегодня делаете доклад в Конгрессе?

5. Где господин Томпсон? - Он спешит в аэропорт.

6. Не заходи сейчас в лабораторию. Наши студенты проводят опыт с реактивами.

Task 2

Read and translate the following text.


The New President of Venezuela | Hollywood

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