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Assignment 2

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Task 1

A.Choose the right form of the verb to be.

1. There are / is students in this class-room.

2. There was / were many mistakes in that final test.

3. Are / is any money for the new equipment?

4. There will be / were some information about Professor Raymond's new research in the next report.

5. There are / was a microscope on the desk last time. Where is / was now?

6. There were / was much dust in this mixture.

B.Choose the necessary form of the verb to have.

1. Who (have) this patent?

2. Education (have) the power to transform a person's life.

3. The Internet (have) all kinds of interesting forums.

4. When I worked in Paris, I (have) many collegues from the local laboratories of genes.

5. How much money you (have) for the next experiment?

6. Our company (have) distributors all over the world.

C.Translate the following into English.

1. У Стокгольмі є безліч кафе, пабів, клубів і ресторанів.

2. У мене є кілька зауважень з приводу нової статті доктора Стоуна.

3. Перша робота Б. Обами була в юридичній конторі (law firm).

4. Л. да Вінчі мав безліч ідей про літальні апарати сучасності.

5. Завтра у компанії Apple презентація нового модельного ряду айфонів (i-phone series).

6. У минулому році у нашій компанії не було філій в Південній Америці.

Task 2

Read and translate the following text.


Henry Ford | Glamorous and Laborious

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