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Task 1

A.Complete the following sentences using am, is, are, were, was.

Model: New Orlean is a birthplace of jazz.

1. Synonym ___ a word with the same meaning as another word.

2. Gambling and entertainment ___ still the most important sights and the main source of income in Las Vegas.

3. The Medici ___ among the most powerful families in the past.

4. The signature of any person ___ unique.

5. ___ watching television harmful for kids?

6. New York ___ a global hub of international business.

B.Complete the following sentences using am, is, are.

Model: English gardens internationally famous. - .English gardens are internationally famous.

1. The plastic surgeon much more than the average doctor?

2. The period of maximum immigration of the Irish to the USA in 1840-1850-s.

3. Men more sensitive than women and not so tolerant to distress, heat, cold, hunger and unpleasant situation at work.

4. Bray one of industrial Irish towns.

5. The English writer K. Mansfield a master of psychological short-story.

6. The British too good to their pets, according to one point of view.

C.Translate into English.

1. Около пятой части всех людей - левши (left-handed men).

2. Вы на конференции сейчас?

3. Природа в Бельгии очень разнообразна.

4. Кара Блейк - наш новый профессор по французской литературе?

5. Регби (Rugby) наиболее популярный вид спорта в Новой Зеландии.

6. Британцы - 'это нация мореплавателей.

Task 2

Read and translate the following text.



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