1. Choose the right variant
  2. Choose the right variant of the noun in the plural form (1-10) and the right variant of the noun in the possessive case (11-15).
  3. Font-variant
  4. Public Function GetPoints2 () As Variant
  5. Put the following sentences into the PASSIVE VOICE. Sometimes several variants of Passive are possible.


на обов'язкову контрольну роботу

з дисципліни "Іноземна мова"

для учнів рівня ССО денної форми навчання

за спеціальностями:

2-40 02 02 «Електронно-обчислювальні засоби»,

2-40 01 01 «Програмне забезпечення інформаційних технологій»,

2-39 02 02 «Проектування і виробництво радіоелектронних засобів»,

2-39 02 31 «Технічна експлуатація радіо-електронних засобів»

курс 1 семестр I

Склав викладач: Е. В. Чуманевіч

Розглянуто на засіданні ПМК

іноземних мов

Рекомендовано до використання на

2012-2013 навчальний рік

Протокол №3 від 30.10.2012

Голова ПМК іноземних мов ___ Н. Б. Кузнєцова



EXERCISE 1. Listen to the story (№39) about James and mark with "true" or "false".

1. James was listening to the pop music.

2. Mother asked James to go to bed as the film was not very nice.

3. James woke up in the night as he wanted to watch TV.

EXERCISE 2. Read the article. (№55)


This is the story of Misha Defonscca, a Belgian Jewish * girl, who was adopted not once, but twice, by wild wolves. She broke her silence after nearly 60 years, and says that her tale is true ...

It started in the autumn of 1941 when Misha was seven years old. It was the time of the Second World War and Jewish people were being arrested and taken away by the Nazis. One day Misha's own parents were taken away. She lived with another family, but wanted to find her mother and father again. So, after six months, she packed a small bag and ran away.

Misha started her trip to Germany. She remembered from a school atlas that; it was near Belgium. Afraid of being caught, she followed lonely forest paths instead of busy roads. At night, she slept in deserted buildings, or in the woods.

She begged or stole food to survive. If Misha was passing through a village, she waited for church bells to ring. When the people left their homes she would go inside and take some bread and cheese. When she could not beg or steal, she ate wild berries, seeds and insects.

One day, a farmer hit her with a stone when she was running away with some
 stolen food. Misha escaped to a forest. She was crying with pain when a big grey
 wolf approached. The wolf sniffed * her, and went away, but it came back. A few nights later, the she-wolf came up to the girl and slept next to her ... The two shared food and walked in the forest together. Then, a hunter killed the wolf, Misha was very sad and alone again.

Soon afterwards, she had another meeting with wolves. Some wolf-cubs * were playing on a rock and Misha came near, delighted. She stayed with this wolf-family sharing food and shelter with them. After a while, she moved on ... Sadly, she never found her parents. Eventually, she returned to Belgium where she was adopted and went to school.

Today, Misha Defonseca is living happily in the US with her husband, two dogs and 23 cats. Her book, Surviving with Wolves, was published in 1997. Every week Misha visits the wolves in her local zoo ...

*Jewish-еврейскій, іудейський



EXERCISE 3. Answer the following questions:

1. What made Misha run away and go to Germany?

2. Why did Misha avoid busy roads while going to Germany?

3. Who helped Misha to survive?

EXERCISE 4. Mark with "true" or "false".

1. This story is about Misha who was adopted by wild dogs.

2. Misha's parents were arrested and she started her trip to Germany.

3. On the road to Germany Misha found her mother and father.

EXERCISE 5. Find the proverb close to the main idea of ??the article.

1. Hunger breaks stone walls. 2. Cheek brings success. 3. Great deeds live.

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