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1. Despite the growing improvement in water treatment methods many regions of the world can not cope with the rapid rate of water contamination. The highly industrializes countries naturally suffer more than others. The conditions which existed only a century ago can not be restored in large cities. That is why we need to find new ways of using the water in industry and agriculture and improving the technology of drainage purification.

2. In the recent decades the problem of water supply to people and economics has become extremely urgent. The depletion of such water resources as surface water and ground water is inevitable. Water resources are continuously renewed within the hydrological cycle. But with the abundance of water in the technological processes in major industries non-returnable losses of fresh water may increase its shortage.

3. Building dams, reservoirs and canals is the important factor of the transformation of the hydrological regime. An essential measure is the conservation of water by all possible means, so as to decrease its expenditure per unit of production until "dry" technologies are established.

4. It is very important to combat the pollution of rain and snow-melt water through the use of herbicides, pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Settling basins should be built to collect the most polluted run-off water especially at the beginning of snowstorms and during snow melt.

5. It is advisable to use industrial wastewater for field irrigation. This measure is of importance since soil is a very favourable medium for rendering waste water harmless especially if used with small irrigation norms. Thus, waste water which is harmful when discharged into rivers and reservoirs becomes useful. Irrigation can be applied to increase soil moisture, to protect plants from frosts and dry winds, to apply fertilizers.

6. Another measure is the conversion of industrial and heat power generation to closed-recirculating water-supply systems, which do not require water of high quality. This method of rendering waste waters harmless must form an integral part of production technology.

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Why is it advisable to use industrial wastewater for field irrigation?



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