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1. A Russian name appeared in 1964 on the honorary board of science at Bridgeport University, USA: Mendeleyev was added to the list of the greatest geniuses - Euclid, Archimedes, Copernicus, Galilei, Newton and Lavoisier. D.I. Mendelyeev, the explorer of nature and the father of one of the greatest generalization in chemistry - the Periodic Table of Elements, is the greatest chemist of the world. The Mendelyeev system has served for almost 100 years as a key to discovering new elements and it has retained its key capacity until now.

2. Mendeleyev was born in 1 834 in the town of Tobolsk (Siberia) of the family of the director of the town Gymnasium. He received his secondary education at the Tobolsk Gymnasium and then entered the Petersburg Pedagogical Institute, from which he graduated with a gold medal in 1857. After graduation he worked as a teacher for two years, first in the Simferopol and then Odessa Gymnasiums.

3. In 1 859 he presented his theses, received his master's degree and then went abroad on a two year scientific commission, during which he took part in the World Chemical Congress in Karlsruhe (1860). Upon his return to Odessa he was elected professor of the Petersburg Technological Institute and two years later professor of the Petersburg University where he carried on his scientific and pedagogical activities for twenty-three years.

4. In +1983 Mendelyeev was appointed Director of the Bureau of Weights and Measures. This central state metrological institution was established in Russia earlier than in most countries. The Board of Weights and Measures did great services to the country, as it created new standards of length and mass and later carried out tremendous work to introduce the metric system into practice. Dmitry Ivanovich was the first head of the Central Board of Weights and Measures.

5. At the same time he carried on a great deal of scientific and literary work. In 1906 he issued a book under the title Contribution to the Knowledge of Russia which contained profound thoughts as to the trends for the further development of Russian industry and the Russian national economy. The greatest result of Mendelyeev's creative effort was the discovery of the Periodic Law and the drawing up of the Periodic Table of Elements.

6. One of Mendelyeev's prominent works is his book Principles of Chemistry in which inorganic chemistry was for the first time explained from the Periodic Law. In this paper he set out clearly his discovery that if the elements are arranged in order of their atomic weights, chemically related elements appear at regular intervals. The greatness of Mendelyeev's achievement lies in the fact that he had discovered a generalization that not only unified an enormous amount of existing information but pointed the way to further progress.

7. Of other works by Mendelyeev, the most important are: On the Combination of Alcohol with Water and Investigation of Aqueous Solutions by their Specific Gravity. His works embrace various fields of science - chemistry, physics, physical chemistry, geophysics.

8. A great scientist, Mendelyeev was a good citizen and patriot as well, who devoted his life and energies to the progress of his country's science and industry. He contributed much to the creation of the Russian Chemical Society in 1868. Much of his scientific and educational works was associated with the society.

V. Прочитайте 7-й абзац тексту і питання до нього. З наведених варіантів відповіді вкажіть номер пропозиції, що містить правильну відповідь на поставлене запитання:

What fields of science do his works embrace?

1. His works embrace various fields of social science.

2. His works embrace various fields of science - chemistry, physics, physical

chemistry, geophysics.

3. His works embrace various fields of applied mathematics.

варіант 3

I. Перепишіть наступні пропозиції; підкресліть в кожному з них дієслово-присудок і визначте його видо-часову форму і заставу. Переведіть пропозиції на російську мову. У розділі (б) зверніть увагу на переклад пасивних конструкцій.

a)1. By this time he had already won recognition anong specialists as an authority

in this field.

2. Radio astronomy has given mankind efficient means for penetration into


3. Radio is successfully solving many complex problems.

б) 1. On that day the radio telegraphy was converted from an abstract theoretical

problem into a real fact.

2. The modern program of broadcasting and television will be opened next year.

II. Перепишіть наступні пропозиції; підкресліть Participle I і Participle II і встановіть функції кожного з них, тобто вкажіть, чи є воно визначенням, обставиною або частиною дієслова-присудка. Переведіть пропозиції на російську мову.

1. Radio set was the first achievement of mankind used in different spheres of


2. The smallest particle having all the characteristics of an element is called an


3. While absorbing the energy of cosmic rays the upper atmosphere becomes


4. Hertz published his experiments proving the existence of electromagnetic


5. He demonstrated the transmisson and reception of a radiogram consisting of two words: Heinrich Hertz.


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