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Hour Teaching

    One school in Hampshire, UK, offers 24-hour teaching. The children can decide when and if they come to school. The school is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., for 364 days a year and provides online teaching through the night. The idea is that pupils don't have to come to school and they can decide when they want to study. Cheryl Heron, the head teacher, says "Some students learn better at night. Some students learn better in the morning." Cheryl believes that if children are bored, they will not come to school. "Why must teaching only be conducted in a classroom? You can teach a child without him ever coming to school."

    1. Where is the 24-hour teaching school situated?

    2. What time is the school open?

    3. Who is the head teacher?

    4. How many days is the school open?

    5. What does Cheryl Heron believe to?

    6. What is the alternative to sitting in a classroom?

    IX. Складіть речення з наданих слів та перекладіть українською мовою.

    1. big / shirt / is / enough / this / not

    2. balcony / on / can / smoke / the / I?

    3. cinema / in / can / to / our / we / the / go / town

    4. watch / hundred / her / pounds / was / five

    5. you / garden / in / can / smoke / the?

    X. Перепишіть текст та заповніть пропуски правильною відповіддю: a), b) or c).

    You 1 mightremember getting lost when you were a child. It probably wasn't a happy experience. But have you ever 2 lost in the mountains? It can happen 3 and it's very frightening, but it 4 be so dangerous if you prepare carefully. First of all, tell your family or friends where you are going and when you 5 come back. Check the weather forecast but 6 prepare for bad weather. You never know, it 7 change. Wear a warm coat and boots, take extra clothes, food and lots of water. You can survive for weeks without food but you won't survive long without water. Take 8 , a compass and some matches 9 . You can also take your mobile phone and GPS. They might save you if you get lost but it 10 be possible to get a telephone signal. Finally, never go 11 in the mountains alone.

    1. a) did b) have c) might

    2. a) got b) getting c) to get

    3. a) easy b) very easy c) easily

    4. a) will b) won't c) might

    5. a) are going to b) going to c) don't

    6. a) too b) as well c) also

    7. a) might b) will c) is going to

    8. a) sandwiches b) a map c) a drink

    9. a) as well b) after that c) finally

    10. a) might b) might not c) will

    11. a) walk b) run c) walking

    XІ. Перепишіть речення, заповніть пропуски у реченні дієсловами у душках. Використовуйте правильні видо-часові форми дієслова.

    1. They a month ago and married yesterday. (meet / get)

    2. Last night we TV and a film. (watch / see)

    3. Joe usually late on Sunday because he clubbing on Saturday night. (sleep / go)

    4. I going out with friends and dinner. (love / have)

    5. They some time off and around the USA. (have / travel)

    XІІ. Перепишіть речення виправив одну помилку у кожному реченні.

    1. What was you doing?

    2. He writes an email at the moment.

    3. We wasn't listening.

    4. It's the more popular club in the city.

    5. She's the most friendlier girl here.

    XІІІ. Прочитайте та усно перекладіть текст. Перепишіть та письмово перекладіть текст українською мовою

    Great Britain

    1. Great Britain is not a country it is an island off the north-western coastline of Europe. The English Channel separates it from the mainland in the south. The Strait of Dover, 18 miles wide, divides it from France. Great Britain is separated from Belgium and Holland by the North Sea and from Ireland by the Irish Sea. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has the population of more than 58 million. There are four different countries in the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    2. Britain is not a very big country, but its every part is different. Scotland is a land of mountains, lakes, castles and snowy winters. Northern Ireland has its beauty, too, with brilliant grass and farming lands. The United Kingdom is not very rich in mineral resources, but it is a highly developed industrial country, with its main centres Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham; it is also a famous producer of machinery, ships, navigation equipment, electronics and aircraft. Agriculture takes an important section in the country's economy.

    XІV. Виберіть правильний варіант відповіді на запитання.

    How do children enter grammar schools?

    1. on the basis of their expenses.

    2. on the basis of their abilities.

    3. on the basis of their qualification.

    XV. Напишіть друге речення використовуючи інформацію з першого речення.

    Приклад: It isn't a good idea to go out - it's too cold.

    You shouldn't go out - it's too cold.

    1. She never goes to bed early.

    She always .

    2. They didn't have any nice shoes in the shop.

    There .

    3. My son works late every night.

    Last night .

    4. I want to buy a new car but I'm not sure.

    I might .

    5. They always have breakfast in a café.

    Yesterday .


    I. Перепишіть речення. Згідно з граматичними ознаками, визначте, якою частиною мови є слова з закінченням 's', та яку функцію це закінчення виконує, тобто, чи є воно:

    а) показником 3-ї особи однини дієслова в Present Simple;

    б) ознакою іменника у множині;

    в) показником присвійного відмінку іменника.

    Перекладіть речення українською мовою.

    1. I have a lot of relatives on my and my wife's side.

    2. The train arrives at 5 o'clock.

    3. Are molecules in constant motion?

    4. Phonetics is a branch of linguistics.

    5. Lynne's web site kept growing larger and larger.

    II. Перепишіть речення та перекладіть їх українською мовою. Зверніть увагу на особливості перекладу іменників у функції означення.

    1. They compare an electron with a ping-pong ball.

    2. Does electricity make possible science progress?

    3. There are two types of germanium and silicon diodes.

    4. The World disarmament conference will be in

    5. London next month.

    6. Home market prices fell dramatically last year.

    III. Перепишіть речення. Зверніть увагу на ступені порівняння прикметників. Перекладіть речення українською мовою.

    1. Atoms are smaller than molecules.

    2. The more we study the more we know.

    3. Even the longest day has an end.

    4. The problem is not as simple as it seems.

    5. This is the most interesting book I have ever read

    IV. Перепишіть речення. Зверніть увагу на переклад неозначених та заперечних займенників. Перекладіть речення українською мовою.

    1. Someone broke into my flat.

    2. Have you got any more questions?

    3. No cat will agree to eat anything like that.

    4. Why didn't you ask someone to help you?

    5. If one wants a thing done, one had best do it oneself.

    V. Перепишіть речення. Підкресліть дієслова та визначте, якого вони часу, виду та стану. Перекладіть речення українською мовою.

    1. The books aroused his interest in science.

    2. They'll work in various fields of our economy next year.

    3. She usually visits our friends on our days off.

    4. If I am sleeping when he comes, wake me up, please.

    5. We have already done this work.

    6. The students had made a lot of experiments by the end of the last year.

    7. The quality of the instruments can be relied upon.

    8. The problem of pollution was not even discussed some fifty year ago.

    9. This car is being washed now.

    10. Hundreds of people have been employed by the new factory this year.

    VI. Перепишіть речення, підкресліть Participle I та Participle II; визначте, які з них ужиті в функції означення, обставини чи частини присудка. Перекладіть речення українською мовою.

    1. Studying the properties of electrons physicists constructed a very accurate device.

    2. Alloys, made from copper and nickel, are corrosion - resistant.

    3. Radio signal is transmitted by means of radio waves.

    4. When heated up to 100° C water boils.

    VII. Перепишіть речення, підкресліть модальні дієслова або їх еквіваленти. Перекладіть речення українською мовою.

    1. You may take this book home.

    2. Nobody was able to understand this phenomenon.

    3. We had to use a catalyst to accelerate the reaction.

    4. Must he answer all these questions?

    5. She might have taken the bus. I'm not sure how she got to work.

    VIII. Прочитайте та письмово надайте відповіді на питання англійською мовою.



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