Questions for discussion and practical tasks

  1. A friend of yours is planning to go on holiday soon. You ask her about her plans. Use the words in brackets to make your questions.
  2. Alternative questions

1. What do assessment and evaluation serve for?

2. Study the table above and define the differences between assessment and evaluation.

3. What is the difference between formal and informal assessment?

4. What informal assessing techniques did you use during your practice in school?

5. What is the main aim of portfolio?

6. Designing a good test is very important. Make a list of things you need to think about when designing a test. What things do you need to think about in the administrating of the test? How do you plan for feedback?

The following should be considered

-Validity: The items test what they are meant to test

-Clarity: The instructions are clear for each item

-Do able: The test isn't too difficult nor too easy; has no trick questions

-Marking: how each session will be assessed-the percent each section will have in the final score

-Interest: Include tasks and contents that motivate the learner

-Comprehensive: The important material that needs to be test is indeed in the test

-Try out the test: have a colleague try out the test before it is administered

-Feedback: How will feedback be done

-Administer: When and how will the test be administered

-Preparation: How will the material be reviewed before the test is given.

9. Study the following and say what items portfolio may include. Explain the contents of the items.

Cover Page Student creates a cover page complete with title, student name, and school year.
To the Reader Student writes a letter to the reader introducing the portfolio.
Table of Contents Student lists contents and corresponding page numbers.
Dividers Student can include dividers at appropriate places throughout the portfolio.
Content Pieces Student and/or teacher choose(s) pieces of student work.
Content Reflection Student reflects on each content piece.
Reader Comment Page This page invites comments and reflections from whomever reads the portfolio.
Teacher Comment Page This page invites comments by the teacher.


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