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Questions for discussion and practical tasks

  1. A friend of yours is planning to go on holiday soon. You ask her about her plans. Use the words in brackets to make your questions.
  2. Alternative questions

1. What role does grammar plays inteaching a foreign language to young learners?

2. Describe two main ways in presenting grammar structure: deductive and inductive.

3. Specify three stages in presenting grammar: presentation, practice, production.

4. Give examples of some techniques for teaching grammar.

5. What is the value of using songs and games in teaching grammar?

6. What are the main principles of teaching vocabulary to young learners?

7. Specify techniques for presenting, practicing, consolidating and revising vocabulary.

8. Give examples of production tasks for teaching vocabulary.

9. Say how grammar and vocabulary are taught in secondary schools (use any standards textbook). Speak on the following techniques and resources for presentation:





-time lines,









-story telling,

-role play

10. Look at the table and identify the grammar item. Say, how you will present it to the students.

He lives in Paris can't we?
We don't speak French was he?
He can play tennis well do we?
They are sleeping now doesn't he?
David wasn't at home at five aren't they?

11. Think of the ways of presenting the meaning of the following words:

to display a picture; ugly; to laugh; to fold the arms; to be hungry; lazy; to be exhausted; driver; to sneeze; impossible; to reply; to give up smoking; to be absent; magazine; tiny; weather; frosty; below/above zero; to be covered with snow; to take a holiday; stay at a hotel; shark; shout for help, elbow, star, odd number.

12.Look at the table and identify the grammar item. Say, how you will present it to the students.

Surprise party

When I reached my house at seven

Max was playing the guitar

Jane was sitting on the table

Eating pickles from a jar

Mark was sitting at the piano

Playing sonatas for Louise

And my parrot Paul was singing

All the tunes and melodies

Bob was sleeping under the table

He couldn't even stay awake

And my dog was in the kitchen

Eating up the birthday cake.


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