Match the words in the box with the definitions below. Look at A and B opposite to help you.

  1. A friend of yours is planning to go on holiday soon. You ask her about her plans. Use the words in brackets to make your questions.
  2. A) Rearrange the words so that they make a sentence.
  3. A. Match pictures 1-4 to a)-d).
    cash flow competitive discount
    liquidity maturity par value
  redeemed short-term unsecured

1. a price below the usual or advertised price

2. adjective describing a good price, compared to others on the market

3. the ability to sell an asset quickly for cash

4. (in finance) adjective meaning up to one year

5. adjective meaning with no guarantee or collateral

6. repaid

7. the length of time before a bond has to be repaid

8. the movement of money in and out of an organization

9. the price written on a security

Match the two parts of the sentences. Look at B and C opposite to help you.

1. Most money market securities

2. A treasury bill is safe because it

3. Commercial paper

4. Certificates of deposit (CDs)

5. Repurchase agreements (repos)

ais issued by corporations, so it is riskier than T-bills,

b are short-term, liquid, safe, and sold at a discount,

c is guaranteed by the government,

d are short-term exchanges of cash for securities,

e are issued to holders of time deposits in a bank.

Over to you!!!

What kind of money market instruments are you familiar with? Which ones would be most useful for your company, or for a company you would like to work for?

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