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Task 14. Identify the Internet crimes sentences (1-6) refer to. Then match them with the advice below (a-f).

  1. A. Match pictures 1-4 to a)-d).

1. Crackers try to find a way to copy the latest game or computer program.

2. A study has revealed that half a million people will automatically open an email they believe to be from their bank and happily send off all their security details.

3. This software's danger is hidden behind an attractive appearance. That's why it is often wrapped in attractive packages promising photos of celebrities like Anna Kournikova or Jennifer Lopez.

4. There is a particular danger in Internet commerce and emails. Many people believe they have been offered a special gift only to find out later they have been deceived.

5. 'Nimda' spreads by sending infected emails and is also able to infect websites, so when a user visits a compromised website, the browser can infect the computer.

6. Every day, millions of children spend time in Internet chat rooms talking to strangers. But what many of them don't realize is that some of the surfers chatting with them may be sexual predators.

a) People shouldn't buy cracked software or download music illegally from the Internet.

b) Be suspicious of wonderful offers. Don't buy if you aren't sure.

c) It's dangerous to give personal information to people you contact in chat rooms.

d) Don't open attachments from people you don't know even if the subject looks attractive.

e) Scan your email and be careful about which websites you visit.

f) Check with your bank before sending information.


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