The man who escaped

  1. The man who escaped
  2. The man who escaped
  3. The man who escaped
  4. The man who escaped
  5. The man who escaped
  6. The man who escaped

(Episode 1)

1. Edward Coke was an army officer, but he is in prison now. Every day is exactly the same for him.

It is winter now and Coke and all the other men get up at six, it is still cold and dark. They have breakfast at six thirty. Work begins at seven thirty. Some of the men work in the prison factory, but Coke often works outside.

2. The men have lunch at twelve. Then the men go back to work again. Dinner is at six. Coke usually reads after dinner until 9.30. The lights go out at ten.

The day is long and hard and every man has a lot of time to think. They usually think about why they are there. Coke does. He always thinks about two men.

3. One of the men is Eric Masters. He used to be an army officer, just like Coke. Coke knows that Masters has a lot of money now. The second man's name is Hugo. That is all Coke knows about him. Masters knows where and who Hugo is, but Coke does not.

Every night Coke lies in bed and thinks about Eric Masters and Hugo. There is another thing he thinks about, too. Escaping. He wants to escape and find Masters, and then the other man. Coke is in prison for something he did not do.

1.5.2. Виберіть правильний варіант. Не користуйтеся текстом.

1. Every day is ...

a) the same;

b) different for him;

c) interesting for him.

2) Work begins at ...

a) half past six;

b) half past seven;

c) five thirty.

3. After dinner Coke usually ...

a) sleeps;

b) reads;

c) walks.

4. Coke knows that ...

a) Masters has a lot of money;

b) Hugo is an army officer;

c) Masters is in prison.

5. Coke wants to escape to ...

a) kill Hugo;

b) go home;

c) find Masters.

1.5.3. Дайте відповідь на питання викладача. (Книги закриті.)

1. Where do people work in prison?

2. What do the people there usually think about?

3. What does Coke know about Eric Masters?

4. What does Coke want to escape for?

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