Sound right

  2. Choose the right form of the verb in Passive voice.
  3. Choose the right word
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1.1.1. Слухайте, дивіться, повторюйте за диктором:

see seed seat feel being beef-tea

fee feed feet field seeing sea-captain

be bead beat meal evening knee-deep

he heed heat reel eager sea-coast

pea peas peace wheel easy beam-ends

knee knees niece zeal teacher sea-breeze

1.1.2. Слухайте, дивіться, повторюйте:

1. Pleased to meet you.

2. Please be seated.

3. A pea for a bean.

4. Extremes meet.

5. Greek meets Greek.

6. Pete eats chiefly meat.

7. Steve is eager to please the teacher.

8. How about meeting my people at three?

9. The teacher has every reason to be displeased.

10. My niece feels seedy.

11. It's extremely sweet of Lea.

12. He speaks Chinese and Japanese with equal ease.

1.1.3. Слухайте, дивіться. Зверніть увагу на вимову звука [O] як в слові tea.


1. Can you read tealeaves, Peter?

2. I can read yours, Eve.

1. What can you see?

2. I can see the beach and the sea and two people - Eve and Peter.

1. Can not you see three?

2. No, Eve. Just you and me. I can not see aunt Frieda at all.


1. These feet are in a terrible condition. They need treatment.

2. I agree, doctor. My feet do need treatment.

1. The treatment for these feet is to eat lots of green vegetables. But do not eat meat for at least a week.

2. No meat, doctor?

1. I repeat: You must not eat meat for at least a week.

2. But I do eat green vegetables, doctor. And do not eat meat at all.

1. Then you do not seem to need the treatment.

2. But doctor, my feet ...

1. Next person, please!

1.1.4. Слухайте, дивіться, повторюйте. Звертайте увагу на інтонацію (див. 1.1.3).

1.1.5. Прочитайте діалоги в парах (див. 1.1.3).

1.1.6. Постарайтеся прочитати скоромовку якомога швидше:

A sailor went to sea.

To see what he could see.

And all he could see,

Was sea, sea, sea.

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