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The OS can be broadly classified into certain categories. Although one particular OS can fall into more than one category. There are multiuser, multiprocessing, multitasking, multithreading, and real-time operating systems.

A multiuser operating system enables multiple users to run programs simultaneously. This type of operating system may be used for just a few people or hundreds of them. In fact, there are some operating systems that are used to allow thousands of people to run programs at the same time.

A multiprocessing operating system allows a program to run on more than one central processing unit (CPU) at a time. This can come in very handy in some work environments, at schools, and even for some home-computing situations.

A multitasking (or time-sharing) operating systems work a little differently; they make it possible to run more than one program at a time.

A multithreading operating systems allow varied parts of one program to be used simultaneously.

Real-time operating systems are designed to allow computers to process and respond to input instantly. Usually, general-purpose operating systems, such as disk operating system (DOS), are not considered real time, as they may require seconds or minutes to respond to input. Real-time operating systems are typically used when computers must react to the consistent input of information without delay. For example, real-time operating systems may be used in navigation, medical imaging systems, robots, industrial control systems, etc.


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