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Procedure of the performance

  1. Backup and restore procedures
  2. Bookkeeping records and procedures
  3. Performance Related Pay Case Study
  4. Procedure

1. to lay a woman on the gynecologic chair in a typical position;

2. to call for a doctor or a laboratory assistant urgently;

3. to try to calm a woman down;

4. to lay an ice pack on a woman's abdomen;

 5. to measure a blood pressure and to take the pulse;

6. to type a blood sample;

7. to put on the gloves;

8. to wash a woman with a solution of phuracilin and to dry the genitals;

9. in case of strong bleeding to introduce intravenously 10 ml 10% sodium chloride;

10. to prepare the instruments for the endometrectomy and to lay a sterile table;

11. to perform all the doctor's prescriptions;

12. after all the prescriptions have been done to soak the used instruments and bandaging material in the solution of chloramines for an hour;

13. to put off the gloves and wash your hands.

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