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Look at the two opinions below. Which one do you most agree with?

  1. B. (Agreement) (Disagreement)

a "If the victim of hacking is a business, they can lose important data. There can be serious losses because of that. People like Mitnick deserve to go to prison." - The public prosecutor in Mitnick's case

b "Mitnick isn't a thief or a terrorist, he is a recreational hacker. He didn't do it for economic gain or damage anything"- Mitnick's lawyer, Donald Randolph

Listen to two people talking about Mitnick's case. Which of the opinions above does the man agree with? Which opinion does the woman agree with?

Read texts A-D quickly and match them with the words and phrases (1-4)

Read the article and decide whether the statements below true or false. Correct false statements. | CASE STUDY

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