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Read the article and decide whether the statements below true or false. Correct false statements.

  1. A) Put the verbs in brackets into the correct forms of Present, Past or Future Simple.
  2. Are these statements true or false?

He lived with his father.

His parents divorced when he was 16.

He used the name 'Robert Redford'.

He hacked into Shimomura's telephone system.

Shimomura decided to help the CIA.

The judge prohibited him from using mobile phones.

He worked for The Economist.

Mitnick's name first appeared in the papers in 1982 when he hacked into the North American Defence Command (NORAD). Over the next ten years he was often in trouble with the law, but continued his activities. In 1992, he hacked into the company Pacific Bell and the federal government ordered his arrest. He escaped from the police, but from this moment he was a fugitive.

During his time on the run he used the name 'Condor', the Robert Redford character in the film Three Days of the Condor. He hacked into the computers at Motorola, Nokia Mobile Phones, Sun Microsystems and other companies. Some reports estimated the damage to be over $80million. His big mistake was hacking into the home computer of a Japanese computer expert, Tsutomu Shimomura. Shimomura was very angry and helped the FBI to catch Mitnick. Mitnick was in prison for five years.

On his release, in 2000, the judge prohibited him from using computers. He travelled around the world giving lectures on computer security. He also worked for Newsweek, CNN and Fox. The restrictions on using computers lasted until January 20, 2003. Nowadays he has a business consultancy called Defensive Thinking and speaks at conferences organized by the BSA - Business Softwear Alliance - dedicated to the fight against softwear piracy.

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