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Imagine that you are a member of the court trial. Introduce yourself and describe your responsibilities

  1. A) Read the texts and remember the meaning of phrasal verbs.
  2. Acknowledgement of Service Court form
  3. B) Complete the CV with all the relevant information about yourself according to the CV of David William Manning
  4. Claim Form Court form used to commence
  5. Court Talk

A You are a student in the Law Faculty of Hadford University. The title of your first lecture is What is law? 1 Write a definition of law. 2 What other ideas will be in this lecture? Make some notes.   В Listen to Part 1 of the talk. What does the lecturer say about law? Tick one or more of the following. a It is about rules. __ bIt is about not doing things. с It is about punishment. __ dIt is more complex than this. __
In Part 2 of the talk, the lecturer mentions bar, fair and just. 1 What do these words mean in general English? 2 What do they mean in law? 3 Listen and check your ideas. In Part 3 of the talk, the lecturer describes different branches or types of law.

1.How many branches or types can you think of?

2. Listen and check your ideas.

3.What aspect of law does the lecturer think is now very important?

In the final part of the talk, the lecturer gives a definition of law and some examples. Listen and mark each word in the box D if it is part of the definition and E if it is part of the example.

Look back at your notes from Exercise A.

Did you predict:

- the main ideas?

- most of the special vocabulary?

- the order of information?


Unit I Law and Order | Unit II Crimes and Civil Wrongs

Crime categories | Read the article and decide whether the statements below true or false. Correct false statements. | Look at the two opinions below. Which one do you most agree with? | CASE STUDY | Listening | Listen to Part 2 | Unstable situation Discrepancy - the difference between two things | Now use the words to fill in the gaps on the next page. Use one pair of words for each question. | R v Gomez [1993] AC 442, HL | Esso Petroleum Company Ltd v Mardon [1976] QB 1, CA |

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