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12. Rearrange the words to make sentences:

1) the a of of that is has power laser light energy pulse supply capable delivering accurate

2) the the to per has second pulses laser ability fire many

3) the a in is explosion bond with welding system resultant joined high-qualitycomposite metallurgical

4) the the on of each several during become bonding atomic metal process layers plasma surface

5) the a and as near huge ambient thickness temperature sink remaining remains acts heat

13. Pick up key phrases in each paragraph of the text "Engineering design in laser beam and explosion welding". Write down a consistent plan to the text. Use your plan to speak about laser beam welding and explosion welding operation.

You are a journalist whose task is to write an article for a popular welding journal. You have to cover the information about the importance and specifics of laser beam welding or explosion welding processes. In the article you should

- justify your choice of research question;

- establish the importance of the topic;

- provide background information needed to understand the study;

- show readers you are familiar with significant and up-to-date research relevant to the topic;

- establish your study as one link in a chain of research that is developing knowledge in this field.

To fulfill the task consult Appendices 2, 3.


Engineering design in laser beam and explosion welding | Geometry and quality of welds

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