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15. Rearrange the words to make sentences:

1) a welding highly laser laser focused employs beam beam

2) joined methods melting some not the involve of the welding do materials being modern

3) wires to welding is sheets used connect thin ultrasonic or

4) from welding the welding main laser are of differences beam electron that output electrical beam not laser is

5) introducing pressure horizontally the vibrations is weld by formed mechanical under

16. Write a brief summary to the text "Gas and resistance welding". For writing style consult Appendices.

17. Make two groups. Each of the groups should prepare a short, persuasive presentation: the first one about the advantages of solid state welding; the second one about the advantages of beam welding. Use the following checklist to help you prepare your presentations.

- Prepare well. Gather all the relevant details. You must have all the necessary facts, and they must be correct.

- Give sufficient background information, but don't bore your audience.

- Be prepared to give clear reasons for each suggestion.

- You should sound enthusiastic. Smile and make eye contact.

- Don't be afraid of silent pauses while you put visuals in place.

- Don't rush! Take your time and speak clearly.

- Be prepared for questions!

18. Play the game "Categories".

Players guess answers that fit a particular category. When choosing categories, consider the ones connected to your specialty.

The basic rules are simple:

1. Choose a category;

2. Decide on an order that players will answer;

3. Start naming items (in the order decided in Step 2) that fit the category until players can't name any more.

Repeating an item that has been named is not allowed. Players can decide if they want to put limits on how much time players are given to think of an answer.


Consult the table and give the plural of the following foreign words. | Solid state AND energy beam WELDING

In this game the group tries to guess the letters of a word, and the presenter records failed attempts by drawing a gallows and someone hanging on it, line by line. | Welding processes. Gas and resistance welding. | Answer the following questions. | Exclude the word which is not right in the lexical row. | Projection welding is a variation of ... welding. | Use your knowledge of welding processes and the words you have learned and match the terms with their definitions. | Components of oxy-acetylene outfit in gas welding | Translate the following sentences into English. | Solid state and energy beam welding | Welding processes. Solid state and energy beam welding. |

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