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Consult the table and give the plural of the following foreign words.

  1. A) Read the following text.
Ending Regular plural Latin/Greek plural
-us -uses -i
-a -as -ae
-um -ums -a
-ex -exes -ices
-ix -ixes -ices
-is -ises -es
-on -ons -a

1. a cactus, fungus, radius, stimulus, genius;

2. bformula (in science), vertebra, antenna;

3. с bacterium, curriculum, datum, medium, memorandum, stratum, millennium;

4. d index (in mathematics, in books);

5. e appendix (in books, in medicine);

6. f analysis, axis, basis, crisis, diagnosis, hypothesis, oasis, parenthesis, thesis;

7. gcriterion, phenomenon.

12. Fill in the gaps with the correct words.

laser beam welding, electron beam welding, solid state welding, ultrasonic welding, explosion welding.

1. Energy beam welding methods, namely laser beam welding and ..... , are relatively new processes that have become quite popular in high production applications.

2. ..... employs a highly focused laser beam, while electron beam welding is done in a vacuum and uses an electron beam.

3. One of the most popular, ..... , is used to connect thin sheets or wires made of metal or thermoplastic by vibrating them at high frequency and under high pressure.

4. Another common process, ..... , involves the joining of materials by pushing them together under extremely high pressure.

Other ..... processes include co-extrusion welding, cold welding, diffusion welding, friction welding (including friction stir welding), high frequency welding, hot pressure welding, induction welding, and roll welding.


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