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Solid state and energy beam welding

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  2. Arc welding.
  3. Arc welding. Technology in use
  4. Are these statements true or false?
  5. Are these statements true or false?

1. Read and memorize the following words for better text comprehension.

- notably - density - penetration - susceptibility - vibrating - co-extrusion - ultrasonic - explosion - plasticized - особливо - густина - проникнення - вразливість - коливання - екструзійне зварювання - надзвуковий - вибух - пластифікований

Read and memorize the following word combinations for better text comprehension.

- energy beam welding - thermal cracking - energy input - ship hull - hot-pressure welding - friction stir welding - roll welding - solid state welding - енергетично-променеве зварювання - термічне розтріскування - витрата енергії - корпус човна - зварювання тисненням з нагріванням - зварювання тертям з перемішуванням - зварювання прокатуванням - зварювання в твердій фазі

Use the new vocabulary given above and find the synonyms to the underlined words in the following sentences.

Laser beam welding and electron beam welding are quite similar, differing particularly in their source of power.

Laser beam welding makes deep weld invasion possible and minimizing the size of the weld area.

The disadvantage of electron beam welding is its high equipment costs and a sensitivity to thermal cracking.

Supersonic sounds have very high frequencies, which human beings cannot hear.


Translate the following sentences into English. | Welding processes. Solid state and energy beam welding.

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