Exclude the word which is not right in the lexical row.

  1. Bureaucracies concentrate great power, which can be used for either benevolent or destructive purposes.

1) modern, old, up-to-date, contemporary;

2) application, use, adaptation, limitation;

3) long-term, short-lived, prolonged, lengthy;

4) important, significant, inessential, vital;

5) organs, tools, tissues, cells;

6) suture materials, stitching devices, adhesive compositions, welding installations;

7) operation, transaction, surgery, transplantology.

These are the scrambled words from your text. Try to find what they are. Make 5 scrambled words yourself. Let your fellow students decode them.






Solve the puzzle.


1. A workman who welds.

2. Metal, which is used in inert gas welding as well as in producing lamps.

3. Inert gas.

4. A compound of different substances.

5. A piece of metal, often valuable one.

6. Protective head covering worn by miners, firemen, workmen.

7. Iron, lead, tin, copper.

8. The mixture of copper and zinc.

Choose the correct answer.

Laser beams can be used for ... diamonds.

a) spoiling b) drilling c) increasing d) cleaning

Gas welding is a ... process using heat from a gas flame.

a) pressure b) non-pressure c) fusion d) fusion-pressure

3. In shielded metal - arc welding a metallic electrode is coated with ... .

a) plastic b) filler c) flux d) enamel

4. Bending is a flexible process by which many different ... can be produced.

a) shapes b) structures c) joints d) combinations

Answer the following questions. | Projection welding is a variation of ... welding.

Передмова | Arc welding. Technology in use | Name each of the paragraphs. Agree or disagree with the paragraph titles of your groupmates. Substantiate your statements. | Some methods (characterize) by a stable arc and high quality welds. | Bumserdeg | Arc welding. | Answer the following questions. | In this game the group tries to guess the letters of a word, and the presenter records failed attempts by drawing a gallows and someone hanging on it, line by line. | Welding processes. Gas and resistance welding. | Use your knowledge of welding processes and the words you have learned and match the terms with their definitions. |

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