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Answer the following questions.

  1. A friend of yours is planning to go on holiday soon. You ask her about her plans. Use the words in brackets to make your questions.
  2. A) Read the following text.

What is oxyfuel welding used for?

What is the operation principle of oxyfuel welding?

A flame is more concentrated than an electric arc isn't it?

What gas welding methods do you know?

How is heat generated in resistance welding?

Are resistance welding methods widespread?

Can spot welding be used to join metal sheets more than 3 mm thick?

What are the advantages of spot welding?

In what industries is spot welding used?

What is the operation principle of seam welding?

8. Write down the annotation of the text according to the plan:

1. The subject of this article (text) is.....

2. As the title implies......

3. In the opening lines (in the very beginning) of this article the author tells about....

4. The next part of the article is devoted to....

5. The contents of the article (text, paragraph).

6. The author calls (points out, tells, explains, states, reports, emphasizes)....

7. The purpose (aim) of the article is to discuss (show).......

8. The article presents the general picture of....

9. Much attention is given to......

10. The author provides the detailed analysis of.....

11. At the end of the article.....

12. The key note of the article...

13. We can draw a conclusion....

9. Explain each of these methods of connection using the pattern.

A is bolted to B. = A is connected to B with bolts.

A is welded to B. = A is connected to B by welding.

A is fixed to B. = no specific method given.

1. screwed 6. glued

2. soldered 7. riveted

3. attached 8. welded

4. wired 9. brazed

5. bonded 10. nailed


Welding processes. Gas and resistance welding. | Exclude the word which is not right in the lexical row.

Передмова | Arc welding. Technology in use | Name each of the paragraphs. Agree or disagree with the paragraph titles of your groupmates. Substantiate your statements. | Some methods (characterize) by a stable arc and high quality welds. | Bumserdeg | Arc welding. | Answer the following questions. | In this game the group tries to guess the letters of a word, and the presenter records failed attempts by drawing a gallows and someone hanging on it, line by line. | Projection welding is a variation of ... welding. | Use your knowledge of welding processes and the words you have learned and match the terms with their definitions. |

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