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Answer the following questions.

  1. A friend of yours is planning to go on holiday soon. You ask her about her plans. Use the words in brackets to make your questions.
  2. A) Read the following text.

1) What are the other names of a shielded metal arc welding?

2) How a weld area may be protected from oxidation?

3) What is the role of the electrode core?

4) Are the weld times slow? Why is it so?

5) What are the characteristics of tungsten arc welding?

6) What method can be used for welding thin materials?

7) Is metal inert gas welding an automatic or semi-automatic welding process?

8) What material is an electrode made of in gas tungsten arc welding?

9) What can increase the arc quality in submerged arc welding?

10) How many arc welding methods do you know? Name them, please.

Decode and memorize the following abbreviations.


7. Use the information from the text above and your knowledge of welding methods and processes and fill in the following table. Write down theabbreviation expansions and characteristics of different welding methods.

Abbreviation Abbreviation expansion or name of the method Characteristics
  stick welding  
  plasma arc welding  
  atomic hydrogen welding  
  carbon arc welding  
  electroslag welding  
  electrogas welding  
  stud arc welding  


Arc welding. | In this game the group tries to guess the letters of a word, and the presenter records failed attempts by drawing a gallows and someone hanging on it, line by line.

Передмова | Arc welding. Technology in use | Name each of the paragraphs. Agree or disagree with the paragraph titles of your groupmates. Substantiate your statements. | Some methods (characterize) by a stable arc and high quality welds. | Bumserdeg | Welding processes. Gas and resistance welding. | Answer the following questions. | Exclude the word which is not right in the lexical row. | Projection welding is a variation of ... welding. | Use your knowledge of welding processes and the words you have learned and match the terms with their definitions. |

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