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14. Rearrange the words to make sentences:

Protected region gas the welding is inert by

Supplies for manual power processes used current are welding constant

The difficult in perfectly is electrode to welding steady manual hold it

The power current constant constant the vary voltage voltage supplies and hold

The increase the base close the too will rapidly and get if wire material current ,

A in shallow negatively more charged results electrode welds

Important the arc current plays used of welding an in role type

Material electrode does current provide only the the not direct with creates arc and filler ,

Positively concentration anode a welding will heat the have charged in greater

Work in pairs.

It is very important for engineers to make sure that you understand technical details, especially over the phone.

So, sit back to back. You each should think of some interesting information connected to arc welding. Give your set of information to your partner over the phone. Use the following expressions when you don't understand any piece of information:

- Could you repeat that, please?

- Sorry, I didn't get / catch that.

- Did you say ... ?

- ... ? Is that right?

- Could you spell that, please?

Some methods (characterize) by a stable arc and high quality welds. | Arc welding.

Передмова | Arc welding. Technology in use | Name each of the paragraphs. Agree or disagree with the paragraph titles of your groupmates. Substantiate your statements. | Answer the following questions. | In this game the group tries to guess the letters of a word, and the presenter records failed attempts by drawing a gallows and someone hanging on it, line by line. | Welding processes. Gas and resistance welding. | Answer the following questions. | Exclude the word which is not right in the lexical row. | Projection welding is a variation of ... welding. | Use your knowledge of welding processes and the words you have learned and match the terms with their definitions. |

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