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Dear Mark!

How are you? How are your parents? How is Jane? I'm fine. And my family is OK.

This summer I was in London at the International School of English. I was in class 3 with eight other students. They were all from different countries - Spain, France, Japan, Argentina, Italy. Our teacher's name was Martin Briscall. He was very nice. He was funny. He is a good teacher.

My new address is at the top of the letter. Now I'm with a Scottish family, the Browns. Mr and Mrs Brown are really good. Mr Brown's name is Tomas. His wife's name is Susan.Tomas is an engineer. His hobby is golf. Susan is an artist. Her pictures are wonderful!
 Their children are little. The son's name is Robert. He is thirteen. He is a good pupil. The daughter's name is Jenny. She will be five next weekend. She is so funny. The Browns are all very friendly.

London is very big and very interesting. The weather was good - cold but sunny! English food was OK, but the coffee was horrible!

Write to me soon!

Love, Paula

P.S. Is my English OK?

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1. How is Paula now? How is her family?

2. Was Paula in Mexico this summer? Where was she?

3. Was it the International School of English? Was it good?

4. Where were the students from? Were they from China?

5. What was their teacher's name? Was he nice? Is he a good teacher?

6. What is Paula's new address? Where is she now?

7. What is Mr Brown's name? What's his job? Is his hobby music?

8. What is Mrs Brown's name? What's her job?

9. Is she an actress? Are Susan's pictures wonderful?

10. What's their son's name? How old is he? Is he a baby?


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