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Прочитайте про Еммі і Джо. Розкажіть, що їм подобається і не подобається.

Example: Amy likes watching television. Joe does not like Amy's programme.

Amy Smith is 24. She is an English teacher. She works as a presenter on Here and Now, A children's programme. Her brother Joe is 17 and he is still at school. At weekends, he plays drums in a band. When he leaves school, he wants to be a professional musician. Amy and Joe live with their parents in West London.

1 About television

Amy: I work as a television presenter. My work is interesting. I enjoy it very much but when I go home I prefer listening to the radio. But I enjoy watching late-night TV - especially interviews.

Joe: I watch Here and Now because my sister Amy is one of the presenters. I like watching her but the programme is terrible. I do not like it. I prefer watching music programmes. I watch MTV a lot.

2 About music

Joe: My band is called Noise and we are very noisy! That's why a lot of people like us - and some people hate us. I like loud music.

Amy: I am a bit old-fashioned about music. I like ballads and slow romantic songs. My brother Joe is in a band. They are very noisy but Joe is a very good drummer. I enjoy watching him. He has a really nice voice but he is not a singer. What a pity!

3 About cinema

Amy: I love going to the cinema. I like European films - French, Polish especially. Joe never comes with me. He watches a lot of videos - action films, usually. I do not like them very much. In fact, I hate watching most of them.

Joe: Do not like going to the cinema. I prefer watching videos at home. My favourite films are action movies. I am a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

4 About newspapers and magazines

Amy: I do not have time for newspapers. I read a lot of magazines, especially about films. Empire is my favourite. I read it every month.

Joe: Mum and dad buy newspapers every day but I never read them. I sometimes read other people's newspapers on the bus. I read a lot of music magazines.

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