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I.Прочитайте і переведіть текст (усно).


A market can be defined as all the customers sharing a particular need or want. Marketing is the process of developing, pricing, distributing and promoting the goods or services that satisfy such needs. Marketing therefore combines marketing research, new product development, distribution, advertising, promotion, product improvement, and so on. According to this definition, marketing begins and ends with the customer. Truly successful marketing understands the customer so well that the product or service satisfies a need so perfectly that the customer is desperate to buy it. The product almost sells itself. Of course this will only happen if the product or service is better than those of competitors.

Companies are always looking for marketing opportunities - possibilities of filling unsatisfied needs in areas in which they are likely to enjoy a differential advantage, due to their particular competencies. Marketing opportunities are generally isolated by market segmentation - dividing a market into submarkets or segments according to customers 'requirements or buying habits. Once a target market has been identified, a company has to decide what goods or services to offer, always remembering the existence of competitors.

The best-known classification of marketing elements - marketing mix is ??the Four Ps: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Aspects to be considered in marketing a product include its quality, its features, style, brand name, size, packaging, services and guarantee, while price includes consideration of things like the price list, discounts, the length of the payment period and credit terms. Place in a marketing mix includes such factors as distribution channels, coverage of market locations of points of sale, inventory size, and so on. Promotion groups together advertising, publicity, sales promotion, and personal selling.

II. Виберіть правильний варіант відповіді на питання до тексту.

1.What is marketing research?

a)the company with the largest market share

b)the set of all the various elements in a marketing program

c)the collection, analysis and reporting of data relevant to a specific marketing situation

2.What tasks does target market decide?

a)how to deliver goods to a shop and sell

b)what goods or services to offer and remember the existence of competitors

c)when products will be produce and how much will be cost

3.What are marketing opportunities?

a)possibilities of filling unsatisfied needs in sectors in which the company can produce goods or services effectively.

b)a company's position in a market

c)a plan or principle designed to achieve marketing objectives

III. Закінчите пропозиції щодо змісту прочитаного тексту.

4.Marketing begins and ends with ___________.

a)the market

b)the customer.

c)the shop

5.If product or service is better than those of competitors,_________.

a)it almost sells itself.

b)it does not almost sell itself.

c)it never buys

6.The best-known classification of marketing elements - marketing mix is _________.

a)the Two Ps: Product and Presentation

b)the Four Ps: Product, Price, Producer and Production.

c)the Four Ps: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

IV. Підберіть еквівалент до даного російського слова або словосполучення.

7. ціноутворення

a)price fixingb)pricing c)pricing strategy

8. розпродавати

a)sell offb)sale c)sell up




a)to purchaseb)to sellc)to sale

11.ринок збуту



a)low pricesb)cut pricesc)discounts



V. Виберіть відповідну ухвалу даними словами і термінам.

 a) marketing b) product c) consumer d) outlete) promotion f) marketing strategy g) advertisementh) distribution channel

14.a place where goods are sold to the public: shops, stores, kiosks, market stalls, etc.

15.the process of identifying and satisfying consumers 'needs and desires

16.a paid communication in the media designed to inform and persuade people about

products or services

17.all the companies or individuals involved in moving particular goods or services from the producer to the consumer

18.a plan or principle designed to achieve marketing objectives

19.a person who buys and uses goods or services

20.informing customers about products and services ad trying to persuade them to buy them

21.something made, manufactured by a mechanical or industrial process

VI. Прочитайте пропозиції і вкажіть чи відповідає дане твердження дійсності: якщо відповідає напишіть після пропозиції T- true, якщо не відповідає то F- false, при цьому письмово підтвердити ваш відповідь прикладом з тексту.

22.Customer begins and ends with the marketing.

23.Themarketing concept includes marketing mix: 'The Four Ps'.

24.The product sellsif the competitors are more than products or services.

VII. Виберіть правильну відовременние форму дієслова.

25.Now we .......... a new marketing plan which ........ us regain some of our market share.

a)develop, will help b)develop, are helping c)are developing, will help

26.The invoice still

a)has not been paid b)has not paidc)will paid

27.Focus groups ........... as the target markets.

a)choose b)were chosenc)was chosen

28.For the last few weeks I ........ late to get everything finished.

a)has been staying b)have stayed c)have been staying

29.They ......... to discuss their financial situation with an expert who ..... advise them on the best plan.

a)would like, couldb)have, couldc)would like, can

VIII. Заповніть пропуски приводами.

30. There's no point in wasting money ...... radio commercials.


31.Powerful advertising may help a new product to eat ..... the market share of rival brands.


32.Can I share some of this work ...... you?

a)on b)withc)at

IX. Заповніть пропуски прикметником або прислівником в потрібній формі.

33.Mexico produces ............. cars than Germany.

a)far fewerb)less c)muchmore

34.The price is just ..... important ...... the design to our customers.

a)as .... sob)the ..... the ....... c)as ...... as

35.In comparison to the US, advertising laws in Europe are .............

a)little complicated b)more complicatedc)the more complicated

X. Переведіть текст письмово.

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