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How do you use the Internet?

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Сivil engineer's work

The spaces between the foundations walls are filled with concrete. This is sometimes used as a base for the floor of the building. The man who builds walls is called a bricklayer. The bricks are stuck together with mortar. To make the walls stronger the bricks must over lap catch other. This is called binding. When the walls are just above the ground a layer of waterproof belt or slate is laid. This is called a damp-proof course and stops damp in the ground passing to the rest of the house. As the bricklayer works he often looks at the plans. Then he will know where to build the doors, windows and ventilators. A carpenter now begins to work. He is the man who does the rough woodwork of the house. When the walls are at the level of the first floor he puts in the wooden floor joists. These are strong wooden beams which will carry me upstairs floors and hold up the ceilings in the downstairs rooms. Then the joiner fixes the window-ledges and when the walls are plastered he fixes the doors and other wood work.

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How do you use the Internet?

Quentin: I am doing a school project about sharks. I have found out lots of interesting facts about them. Did you know that they can smell a small drop of blood in water at a distance of 100 meters? The last time I logged on I ordered a book called Sharks in the Caribbean.

William: I am looking for a job and I've got an interview next week. So this morning I did some preparation. I searched some websites to find out about the company: what they do and what kind of place they are. It's good to be prepared.

Eileen: I often go away on business and in the evenings to relax I use an instant message service to contact people I know. It's great fun. You type your message and wait for the other person to reply. It's probably not suitable for work because it's not very private.

Rosanna: Before going away in summer, I like to use search engines to find out about destinations. I check the weather, transportation, hotels, and places to visit and so on. I always organize everything myself because it is much more satisfying.

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Зниження попиту на автомобілі при інших рівних умовах призведе до ___________ рівня зайнятості автомобілебудівників. | The Renaissance

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