На головну

Pupil 3

    Happy Valentine, my love!
    All my love is yours.
    Praised be love that brings us home,
    Pilgrims to these shores.
    Yearnings here find harborage;
    Vanities, sly smiles.
    All that righteous anger rends,
    Love here reconciles.
    Even in the darkness where
    No bitterness finds rest,
    Thoughts of you are like a dawn
    Intent on happiness.
    Nor would I have so light a heart
    Except that I am blessed!

    Pupil 4

    Blessed are those who cherish well their loves!
    Each enduring love is like a river:
    Making bloom the land through which it moves,
    Yielding bounty in exchange for labor.
    Very few appreciate this treasure,
    As most desire more while giving less,
    Liable to miss joy pursuing pleasure,
    Each dragged into love under duress.
    Nor does one understand so easily
    That love requires one to be a lover:
    Intimate in ways that set one free,
    Needing for one's sense of self the other,
    Even as one is oneself an other.

    Pupil 5

    Love comes through the eyes that see
    And through the ears that hear,
    For people are quite beautiful,
    And words make feelings clear.

    Love comes through the hands that touch
    With unabashed affection,
    For only skin-to-skin can love
    Maintain its true direction.

    Love comes through the tastes and smells
    Of fresh and well-cooked food,
    For in the gift of nourishment
    Is much else that is good.

    But though love comes through senses five,
    Love comes from the heart,
    For there resides the greater love
    Of which ours is a part.

    Girl 1

    Poems sound so sweet because they are about love and friendship. Now I suggest your watching the play about the princess and you will know what the most precious thing is: the Love or the Gold.

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