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Exercise II. Складіть пропозиції з двох підходять за змістом частин.

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 1. The preparation of a trial balance includes2. A special book known as a journal is used3. Double-entry bookkeeping is a system of recording accounts where4. The posting procedure consists of5. In bookkeeping a sum of money paid or owed by a business6. One should know that crediting means7. Unlike crediting the debiting procedure means8. Bookkeeping as part of the accounting cycle deals with9. A bookkeeper is sure to be fully responsible for10. The sum of money gained by a business  a. recording in an account a sum of money paid out or still owed.b. regular transferring entries from the journal to the appropriate accounts in the ledger.c. for recording all primary information about any business transaction.d. the accurate performance of the first three steps in the accounting cycle.e. Is recorded on the right-hand side of a list of accounts.f. recording all money received by and paid out of a company in special books or computer files.g. the checking of accounts by comparing the total credits with the total debts.h. is shown on the left-hand side of a list of accounts.i. each sale or purchase is shown as having an effect on both the debit and the credit columns of an account.j. recording the payment of a sum of money into an account.

Exercise III. Утворіть герундий від дієслів, що стоять в дужках. Переведіть пропозиції на російську мову.

Active vocabulary | To keep) records accurately is very important both for a company and tax authorities.

Bookkeepers deal in taxes, cash flow, which includes cash receipts and cash disbursements, sales, purchases and different business transactions of the company. | ACCOUNTING | Text 7. AUDITOR AND THEIR REPORT | Fraudulent обманний шахрайський | Exercise 4. | Active vocabulary | VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR EXERCISES | Of the leading car producers such as Mercedes, Lincoln, BMW, Toyota, etc. are known all over the world. | Exercise III. Складіть пропозиції з двох підходять за змістом частин. | At this plant are paid on Fridays. |

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