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1. Each section of the research group subdivides its working program into an aggregation of projects, each headed by a project engineer having full technical responsibility for his/her work assignment. 2. Suppose you sit down with pencil and paper and center your attention on a problem that needs an answer, such as adding a set of figures on an income tax form, with the figures all listed in front of you. 3. The introduction is a useful overview of recent developments in the field, with the main emphasis placed on work within the variationist paradigm. 4. Such studies have been criticized for both methodological and technical reasons, but with the two curiously lumped together. 5. Blaylock has done valuable work by collecting the material presented in his comparative tables; with the errors corrected, they will remain as a very useful reference work. 6. Now, with "grossest constituent analysis" defined as a precise way to determine what is contained in a variable, we will look more closely at what it means by "an item of the same category" in principle. 7. This considered, there arises the same question of whether we should allow for one or more than one solution. 8. With these difficulties understood, I should next like to ask whether two of the functions are in fact significant notions. 9. The monograph is relatively up-to-date, with much of the post-1985 scholarship included. 10. These quibbles dealt with, I can now enjoy myself in enthusiastically recommending this brilliant, personally-toned (a la Korzybsky) monograph to all scholars.

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