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1. But evidence indicates that it is not the whole story. 2. But the job of shifting the routine work onto mechanical shoulders is easier for the layman to propose than for the scientist to accomplish. Specialists in the government and industry have been working on it for 10 year, and they don't see light yet. 3. In order not to run the risk of a larger error in correction between pictures, the gain correction was made only on the basis of the green image. 4. For Charles Darwin, eusocial insects such as honeybees were potentially the Achilles' heel of his theory of evolution by natural selection. 5. He arrived at this estimate on his own. after Alpher and Herman had published their prediction. 6. Marlens later joined forces with Denton of the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory 7. Then, in April of that year, George P. Smoot and his colleagues at Berkeley released evidence that might fill this gap in the theory. 8. Advocates of the old theory also took heart from the failure of earlier attempted refutations. 9. Yet many scientists, particularly in Britain, liked the simplicity of the model and so continued to cling to the concept. 10. Although some astronomers argued that he had no; proved his case, additional supporting evidence emerged when astronomers discovered quasi-stellar objects or quasars. 11. In order that realism may be seen in a more neutral light, this section presents a different, counterbalancing, perspective. 12. No single viable model has been devised, let alone explained, the overall phenomenon of this change. 13. This holds true even if we consider some insightful approaches to the modification in time. 14. Yet we should also keep in mind that all predictions in these matters remain highly speculative, not to say hazardous. 15. To begin with, the concept of divergence, taken in isolation and carried to its logical conclusion, is upon closer examination not altogether different from the old idea.

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