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1. Culturally they are closer to Afrikaners than to blacks. 2. Botticelli is a game in which one player selects a well-known person or fictional character and announces the initial of the last name. 3. In summer they lived in houses made of cottonwood or spruce bark. The kashim was the center of various social activities. 4. Even the aboriginal population is identified as "native American" to distinguish it from Anglo-American, African-American, and so on. 5. The exchequer, in Britain, is the accounting and auditing department in the government's treasury. 6. Abolitionists also called upon each white citizen to cast aside prejudice against blacks and to join the crusade against slavery. 7. Other survivors settled in Louisiana, where their descendants - known as Cajuns - still preserve a distinct culture. Still others returned to France. 8. Affirmative action is a formal effort to provide increased employment opportunities for women and ethnic minorities, to overcome past patterns of discrimination. 9. The Hunkers and Barnburners were rival factions in the New York State Democratic party in the 1840s. 10. The legitimated issue of peers may bear courtesy titles, but (except sometimes in Scotland) cannot inherit the peerage. 11. Boxing Day is an English holiday that falls on the first weekday after Christmas. The name was derived from the boxed Christmas presents given by householders to their servants and to the providers of such services as postal delivery and trash collection - thanking them for their work. 12. Boccie is a bowling game that originated in Italy and is still associated with Italians or those of Italian descent in the United States, Australia, South America, and elsewhere. It is a game in which two to four players lob or roll hard balls (wood or a composite) 11 cm (4.5 in) in diameter at a smaller (7.0 cm/2.75 in) target ball. 13. Acoma, a pueblo founded about AD 1100, is possibly the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the United States. It is located 135 km (84 mi) west of Albuquerque, N.Mex. 14. Audiencias were regional courts of law established in Spain and its American colonies to exercise royal authority in both judicial and administrative matters. In the 16th and 17th centuries they served as powerful arms of the Spanish throne in the New World, mainly to check the independence of the conquistadors. 15. An act of God is the legal term for a natural event of overwhelming force, an accident or disaster not resulting from human action and that no amount of prudence or foresight could have prevented.

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