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Завдання 2.

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1. A citizens' council now provides independent oversight of marine terminal operations and tanker-spill prevention plans. 2. Houses can be centrally air-conditioned if they have forced-air heating systems, which use a blower fan and ducts to distribute heated air throughout the house in winter. In the summer these ducts can be used to carry cooled air. 3. The major desalination techniques in use today can be broadly classified as either distillation or membrane processes, the choice of process being determined by the chemistry and physical condition of the untreated water supply, the production rate required, and the energy source available to power the desalination plant. 4. Industrial psychologists study worker motivation and morale, reward systems, communication processes, and working conditions as factors which may affect productivity and worker satisfaction. 5. The airbrush is a device for applying liquid as a fine spray. It is commonly used by commercial artists to facilitate drawing, shading, and retouching artwork. It can also be used to retouch photographs. 6. An amphibious assault, the primary form of a combined sea-and-land operation, is conducted to establish a force ashore, usually to capture a beachhead as a necessary preliminary to further assaults ashore. 7. A high-performance aircraft wing, made from a carbon-reinforced epoxy, is very lightweight, stiff, and strong, with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. 8. Metal fatigue failures are due to the repeated application of tensile stresses or shear stresses, which tend to pull the material apart. 9. In any case, research into achievement motivation now places great emphasis on people's cognitions about the very nature of achievement, and on the various ways in which different cultures assess the relative meanings of failure and success. 10. Sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists, and organization and communications theorists adopt the macro approach to conflict.

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