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1. They regard it as an essential difference between their framework and Garde's. 2. My approach to this issue is consistent with Kuno's. 3. How much is his point of view different from Eriksin's is not clearly stated. 4. He concluded that Kaufmann's data, unlike Part's, did not have sufficient precision. 5. It is difficult to imagine how one could even state a generalization such as Harrington's. 6. There are, of course, theoretical views for which results like Bright's are not at all problematic. 7. This view, later associated with Faraday's, is further developed in his eloquent introduction to the book. 8. He did not cite this old saw of Mack's approvingly, but argued that there was a grain of truth in it. 9. Maxwell's is an unusual conception, but it is not difficult to understand why scientists speak only rarely in such terms. 10. Schane's work shared a fundamental property with Frager's: both were attempts to provide a completely uniform description. 11. Banfoeld's treatment, while being a more exhaustive analysis than Dry's, suffers from the same type of descriptive inadequacy as Dry's. 12. Even in comparison with Galileo's and Newton's writings, Kepler's are strikingly different in the quality of preoccupation. 13. One notices here the remarkable similarity of the experience recorded in Einstein's "Autobiographical Notes" with Bohr's own. 14. In the Aristotelian and Ptolemaic world schemes and indeed on Copernicus's own, the planets moved in their respective orbits by laws which were either purely mathematical or mechanical in a nonterrestrial sense. 15. Quite apart from the question whether Howie's 1993 paper was written independently of Lotren's is the equally significant fact that in a crucial sense Lotren's paper was of course not on this theory.

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