Neither party shall be liable to the other for failure to perform or delay in the performance of its obligations caused by any circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

  1. Additional Text. Numerical Control.
  2. Another flash of light in the basement, more footsteps, and Robert walked into the kitchen.
  3. Another light and Robert was there in the kitchen again.
  4. But it was rejected too, just like the others.
  5. E) Once upon a time there was a little girl called Cinderella. Her mother was dead, and she lived with her father and two elder sisters.
  6. G) Adverbials of attending circumstances
  7. He that will not work, shall not eat.

(Жодна зі сторін не несе відповідальності перед іншою стороною за невиконання зобов'язань або за несвоєчасне виконання зобов'язань, якщо причиною цього були обставини непереборної сили)

It contains 28 words, of which 17 are Old English, 7 Old French and 4 Latin. Of the Old English words, 9 are articles or prepositions (e.g. the, to, for, in, by). All the important legal terms (e.g. party, liable, obligations, reasonable, perform) are either Old French or Latin.

It follows that Latin-based terminology is essential to legal English. To use a computing analogy, we might say that where legal English is concerned, English is the 'hardware' which determines the grammatical construction of the sentences, but the Latin-based terminology is the 'software' which provides the legal meaning.


II. Terminology and etymology: where are these words from?


The basic word LAW means «закон» і «право». But different derivative notions use the root LEG- like in legal

law - legal

The word law has Old English origin it appeared in ancient times when the Saxons invaded Britain.

The word legal appeared in Middle English from Old French, where it came from Latin leglis.

law ... - lawful

leg ... - legal; legacy; legitimate; legislate; legislation; legislature


The Origins of Legal English | Jus - Juris

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