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IDIOMS about money and commerce

  1. About the National Guard
  2. Aircraft and some facts about the flight
  3. Central Bank supervise the banking system; fix the minimum interest rate issue bank notes; control the money supply; influence exchange rates; and acts as a lender of last resort.
  4. Complete the text about free trade by completing sentences 1-6 with a-f below.
  5. D. 2. Speak about your family
  6. Facts about Forces

1.To be pressed for time (money) -not to have enough time (money)

2. To make both ends meet (to live from hand to mouth) = not to be able to save, to spend what is earned

3. Nothing for nothing (and very little for a halfpenny)

4. Cry the blues (Am.slang)

5. To make a poor mouth

6. He that (who) goes a borrowing, goes a sorrowing

7. To cut one's own grass (slang)

8. To sow one's wild oats

9. A light purse is a heavy curse

10. Poverty is not a sin.

11. Debt is the worst kind of poverty- гірше всіх бід коли грошей немає

12. Salt away - Класти в кубушку на чорний день

13. Score twice before you cut once

14. Give somebody a rope and he'll hang himself

15. No sweet without some sweat

16. Opportunity makes the thief

17. The road to hell is paved with good intentions \ Hell is paved with good intentions

18. To be in the red

19. Rob Peter to pay Paul

20. On the rocks

21. Pay through the nose

22. Note of hand

23. To be well-off

24. To burn the midnight oil

25. To strike oil

26. To paddle one's own canoe

27. No pains, no gains

28. No pay, no play

29. Pay one's way - This farmer can not pay his way though his farm pays its way

30.What's to pay?

31. Who breaks - pay!

32. A pretty penny

33. In for a penny, in for a pound

34. Penny wise and pound foolish

35. Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves

36. Earn an honest penny

37.To make one's pile

38. Neck or nothing

39. Sink or swim

40. Plenty is no plague

41. To be in the pocket

42. To be in smb's pocket

43. To put it on

44. To put out

45. To put up

46. ??To be (cry) quits -

47. To keep on the rails

48. It never rains but it pours

49. To be worse than one's word

50. All work and no joy makes Jack a dull boy

51. If things were to be done twice all would be wise

52. To have oneself to thank for something

54. Success is never blamed

55. Staff today and starve tomorrow

56. To buy all stock and block

57. A silk stocking

58. To break stones

59. Any stick to beat a dog

60. To lock the stable when the horse is stolen

61. To go short

62. To wait for a dead man shoes

63. The shoe is on the other foot

64. Near is my shirt but nearer is my skin

65. Nothing seek nothing find

66.To save one's skin

67. At a saving

68. To put up for a sale

69. Not to earn salt for one's porridge

70. To roll in money

71. Slow and steady wins the race

72. To make the best of a bad bargain

73. As bold as brass

74. Great boast, small roast

75. The run of one's teeth

76. On the rocks

77. Strong room

78. To go up in the world

79. To be in the bag

80. To be in clover

81.To go downhill

82. To back the wrong horse

83. To line one's pocket

84. To make money hand over fist

85. To live from hand to mouth

86. To be poor as a church mouse

87. For a rainy day

88. To put all one's eggs in one basket

89. To miss the boat

90. To make both ends meet

91.To know the ropes

92. A wild goose chase

93. To flog (beat) a dead horse

94. To carry coals to New Castle

95. To make oneself cheap

96. To make oneself agreeable to somebody

97. To have one's bread buttered for life

98. To know (to see) on which side one's bread is buttered

99. Life is not all cakes and ale

100. A hungry belly has no ears

101. A land flowing with milk and honey

102. Have oneself to thank for something

103. Keep the wolf from the door


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