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Переведите текст, пользуясь как образцом стиля аналогичным текстом на русском языке (см. ниже).

The Brilliant and Unbelievable Career
of Pamela Harriman

By Christopher Ogden, the Time Magazine

She lived one of the most remarkable lives of the 20th century fit for a romance novel or a Hollywood blockbuster. A vivacious English aristocrat, she married Winston Churchill's only son at the outset of World War II, then a legendary Broadway producer and finally one of America's best-known and richest statesmen and much later she transformed herself into a woman of substance and flourished anew as the highly respected U.S. ambassador to France.

Along the way she charmed Presidents and policymakers, diplomats and decorators, even as she terrified wives by having affairs with their husbands, some of the world's wealthiest and most powerful men. Bill Clinton called her the doyenne of the Democrats for raising millions of dollars and shepherding the party through its 1980s political exile. That was a far cry from the private life she led in the 1940s and '50s, which prompted her second husband, Leyland Hayward, to dub her, with great pride, "the courtesan of the century".

And when Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman died in Paris swimming at the Ritz Hotel after a massive cerebral hemorrhage, her passing was as dramatic as her glamorous life.

Dying at the Ritz at the peak of her influence? What a perfect exit, an elegant ending she could not have planned better!

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