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Переведите на русский язык средства правильного оформления высказывания.

Russian-US relations, bilateral body, to further cooperation in economic and technological spheres, Head of International Monetary Fund, change of the basic course, international conference on nuclear security, the Group of eight industrialized nations, early presidential elections, addressing the party congress, spokesman for the State Duma, to run for the Democratic Party, to declare his candidacy, campaign headquarters, Chief of Staff, democratic organizations, political spectrum of the country, President accepted the resignation, Foreign Minister offered to step down, Head of State signed a decree on..., Deputy Home Minister was dismissed, vote of no confidence, government spokesman said, political and economic crisis, the Duma voted in favour of..., new opinion polls show, the opposition coalition, to make big gains over the Labour government, Democratic landslide, in recent parliamentary elections, saving the country from catastrophe, a bloodless coup d'etat, ouster of the civilian government by the military, to return to constitutional rule, denied accusations, all-party peace talks, confidence vote.

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