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Put the verbs in brackets into the appropriate form.

  1. A. Complete the sentences with the comparative forms of the adverbs in the box.
  2. A. Open the brackets by putting the adjectives and adverbs into the correct form.
  3. Adjectives and Adverbs
  4. APPENDIX 2 Irregular Verbs
  5. Appendix 5 Irregular Verbs
  6. B. 4. Translate the words in brackets and the sentences
  7. C. Practice introducing yourself, friends and groupmates. Remember to smile (and use handshakes where appropriate).

Having a Wonderful Time! Wish You Were Here!

While trying to sail round the world in a small boat, Harry Sandy and Joe were shipwrecked one night. "I wish there (1) (be) ___ was/were an islandnearby", Harry said. By morning, they were washed up on to a desert island. For six months they lived on fish, nuts and fruit. One day they saw a bottle on the shore. "If only it (2) ___ (contain) a note or something!" Sandy said. They opened it and a genie appeared. "It's high time someone (3) ___ (open) that bottle!" the genie gasped. "I'm so grateful, I'll give you one wish each. You first", the genie said, pointing to Harry. "That's easy", Harry said. "I wish I (4) ___ (be) with my family?. And (whoosh!)he disappeared. "He too", Sandy said. "If only I (5) ___ (can be) in dear old Glasgow". And (whoosh!) off he went. "And you, sir?" the genie asked Joe. "I wish I (6) ___ (have) my friends back!" Joe said.

13. Put the verbs in brackets into the appropriate form.

Harry and Sheila, a husband and wife, are talking.

H. Shall I make the children something to eat?

S. I wouldn't bother. You know how much they eat when they visit their grandparents.

H. That's true. If they (1) ___ (eat) all afternoon, they (2) ___ (not want) anything when they get home.

S. Are we going to pick them up soon?

H. No, my parents are bringing them over. We agreed that if I (3) ___ (take) them there, they (4) ___ (bring) them back.

S. Oh good. Well, if we (5) ___ (not collect) them, I (6) ___ (go back) upstairs and do a bit more work. I've nearly finished that report now. If I (7) ___ (do) another half hour's work, I (8) ___ (finish) it by the time the children get home.

H. Why do you always have to bring work home with you? If you (9) ___ (not agree) to take on that new job, you (10) ___ (have) much more free time now.

S. Yes, and if I (11) ___ (not take on) that job, we (12) ___ (not have) much money now.

H. That's true, but I don't like you working so much.

S. Well, never mind. We've got a week's holiday soon. Just think! In two week's time we (13) ___ (lie) on a warm sunny beach that's if I (14) ___ (can get) the time off work of course.

H. What do you mean 'if'?

S. Well, everything's very busy at the moment. And if we (15) ___ (get) any more orders, I just (16) ___ (not see) how I can leave the office.

H. What? But that's ridiculous!


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