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Express wishes and regrets about these situations. Refer to yourself where possible.

  1. A. Complete these sentences so that they refer to other people.
  2. A. Do pre-reading tasks before each abstract, then read and translate the abstracts about the basics of management.
  3. A. Make up short dialogues expressing your opinion, agreeing or disagreeing. Use the prompts given below.
  4. A. Match the facts about the UK with the places on the map.
  5. A. Read the additional texts with interesting facts about Canada and discuss this information with your partner.
  6. A. Read the short extract from the interview and recognize any constructions expressing Future Actions.
  7. A. Read the text about takeover and choose one of the three connectors to fill each gap.

Model: You're not very fit. I wish / If only / I was / were fit / fitter!

1) It's very hot today.

2) It's raining.

3) You were too impatient.

4) You wasted a lot of time watching TV.

5) John did not take your advice.

6) We did not lock the back door!

7) Jane has read your letter.

8) He is abroad.

9) They do not have a lot of friends.

5. Complain about the present situation and express your wish about some future actions. Begin your sentences with 'if only' or 'I wish'.

Model: You do not expect your headache to go away.

I wish my headache would go away. (If only my headache went away)

1) You do not expect the weather to clear up.

2) You do not expect the Rescue Services to arrive soon.

3) Some economists do not expect tight monetary and fiscal policies to keep inflation under control.

4) You do not expect this company despite of its small financial backing to be the first to crack.

5) You do not expect your wife to be promoted soon.

6) You do not expect your boss to think of this possibility for you.

7) You do not expect Steve to be more careful.

6. Read a situation and then write a sentence with 'I wish ... would' .....

Model: It's raining. You want to go out, but not in the rain. So you want it to stop raining. What did you say? I wish it would stop raining.

1) You're waiting for Tom. He's late and you're getting impatient. You want him to come. What do you say?

I wish ___

2) A baby is crying and you're trying to sleep. You want the baby to stop crying. What do you say?

I wish ___

3) You're looking for a job - so far without success. You want somebody to give you a job. What do you say?

I wish somebody ___

4) Brian has been wearing the same old clothes for years. You think he needs some new clothes and you want him to buy some. What do you say to him?

I wish ___

5) Tom drives very fast. You do not like this. What do you say to him?

I wish ___

6) A lot of people drop litter in the street. You do not like this. What do you say?

I wish ___

7) Jack always leaves the door open. You do not like this. What do you say to him?

I wish ____

7. Here are some problems in brackets. How could they have been avoided? Use the words and phrases to help you write two sentences about each problem using I wish and If only.

play fewer computer games, keep calm, eat less, walk more, lose temper, use bins, match less TV, use car less often, save water, let someone else drive, waste water, take more exercise, protect forest, drive carefully, recycle more paper, take rubbish home

1) (I've gained a lot of weight)

I wish ___

If only ___

2) (The rivers and reservoirs have dried up)

I wish ___

If only ___

3) (He crashed his car)

I wish ___

If only ___

4) (He had a row with his best friend)

I wish ___

If only ___

5) (People drop litter in the street)

I wish ___

If only ___

6) (We are cutting down too many trees)

I wish ___

If only ___

7) (People use their cars when they do not need to)

I wish ___

If only ___

8) (Children do not read enough nowadays)

I wish ___

If only ___

8. Translate into English:

1) Якщо б я був молодший!

2) Шкода, що і вчора у мене було мало часу!

3) Ах, якби ви сказали їй про це минулої неділі!

4) Шкода, що вже пізно туди йти.

5) Як шкода, що ми не застали Сью будинку.

6) Ми шкодуємо, що у Вас мало досвіду в цій галузі.

7) Навіть якби він здав іспит, він би не поїхав до Москви.

8) Вона шкодувала, що не розказала Вам цю історію раніше.

9) Ми б хотіли, щоб Ви згадали ці факти.

10) Добре б у нас зараз були канікули!

11) Навіть якби зараз йшов дощ, я б поїхав відвідати хворого друга.

12) Шкода, що вже зайняті всі вакантні місця.

13) Добре б Ви написали їй про це самі.

14) Шкода, що Ви не звернули увагу на його попередження.

15) Шкода, що ти не скористався цією можливістю.


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