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  1. A man should be upright not be kept upright.
  2. Ask run over break damage frighten choose hurt pay steal sting stop cut off
  3. B. Choose the right variant and explain your choice
  4. B. Choose the right variant and explain your choice.
  5. B. Now read the text and check if your guesses were right.
  6. B. Read the information and say if you were right in your guesses.

The black car screamed round the corner on the wrong side of the road and passed a white car doing exactly the same thing in the other direction. Both drivers stopped and got out of their cars. 'If I (1) (be) had been on my side of the road, you (2) ___ (kill) me', driver A shouted. 'But you weren't on your side of the road,' driver B shouted back. 'If you (3) ___ (... driving) more carefully, you (4) ___ (not be) on the wrong side of the road.' 'If I (5) ___ (know) what was round the corner, I (6) ___ (keep) to my side of the road,' driver A said. 'If you (7) ___ (know) what was round the corner, you (8) ___ (... not driving) so carelessly.' Suddenly, both men stopped shouting and driver A said, very quietly, 'If we both (9) ___ (not be) on the wrong side of the road. we (10) ___ (be) dead now.' Without speaking a further word, both men shook hands and drove away.

6. Comment on the following situations with if (expressing regret, etc.).

Model: John ate too much cake, so he was sick.

If John hadn't eaten too/so much cake, he wouldn't have been sick.

1) We came home from our holiday early because we ran out of money.

2) The house didn't burn down because the fire brigade came immediately.

3) The men were wearing protective clothing, so they were all quite safe.

4) I had an accident because I wasn't watching the road.

5) I was sweating because it was so hot.

6) My father didn't earn much money, so life wasn't easy for us.

7) I didn't enjoy school, so I didn't do very well.

7. Read a situation and write a sentence with if.

Model: She didn't eat anything because she wasn't hungry

If she had been hungry, she would have eaten something.

1) The accident happened because the driver in front stopped so suddenly.

If the driver in front ___.

2) I didn't wake Nora because I didn't know she wanted to get up early.

If I ___.

3) She wasn't injured in the crash because she was wearing a seat belt.

If ___.

4) I was able to buy the car because Jim lent me the money.

If ___.

5) You're hungry now because you didn't have breakfast.

If ___.

6) She didn't buy the coat because she didn't have enough money on her.

If ___.


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If you have finished, you can go out. | Put the verbs into the correct form. | Use the correct verb form instead of the Infinitive in brackets. | Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets. Use will, going to, Present Simple and Present Perfect. There are may be two possibilities. | Some workers are demonstrating outside their factory. Use their demands to decide what they actually say to the managers and make conditional sentences (Type 1). | Think of a suitable way to complete the second half of the dialogue. | Match these parts to make conditional sentences. | Supply the correct forms of the missing verbs. Use could, ought to, might in the main clause. | LYING IN THE SUN | E X E R C I S E S |

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