Complete the sentences with the words in brackets.

  1. A) Choose the correct word. (b) Give synonyms to the underlined words
  2. A) to complete - complete - completely - uncompleted - completeness;
  3. A. 1. Read and translate the following international words
  4. A. 1. Translate the following international words
  5. A. 2. Learn new words
  6. A. 2. Read new words
  7. A. 5. Translate the sentences


Ben: Will you lend me your bike? I have to get to basketball training in 5 minutes.
Nick: The last time I lent it to you, you got flat tire and didn't repair it.
Ben: Well, I (1) ___ (not get) a flat tyre if you (2) ___ (put) enough air in it.
Nick: That's not true. You rode straight over some broken glass.
Ben: Well, I (3) ___ (not ride) over the glass if someone (4) ___ (left) it all over the road. Besides, I (5) ___ (go) round the glass, if a car (6) ___ (not come) from the other direction.
Nick: Well, you could have stopped.
Ben: I (7) ___ (stop) if the brakes (8) ___ (not fail).
Nick: Well, you should have checked the brakes before you started. I (9) ___ (not lend) you my bike if I (10) ___ (know) that the brakes weren't working.

4. The Principal of the Express School of English is thinking about his life, and the conditions that led him to do things. What does he say to himself? Write sentences with an if-clause.

1) (I started the school after the bank lent me $50.000.). If the bank hadn't lent me $50.000 I wouldn't have started the school.

2) (I continued because the school was a success). I ___ if the school ___ a success.

3) (We won the Pacifica University contract, so we didn't have money problems). If we ___ the Pacifica University contract, we ___ money problems.

4) (I didn't retire, so we didn't go to live in Italy). If I ___ we ___ to live in Italy.

5) (We didn't build another language lab because there weren't enough students). We ___ another language lab if ___ ___ enough students.

6) (We didn't move to a better building because the rent for this building was so low). We ___ to a better building if the rent for this building ___ so low.

7) (Anyway, our teachers with us because there was a friendly atmosphere). Anyway, our teachers ___ with us if ___ a friendly atmosphere.


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