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Exercise 1. Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence .

  1. A) Choose the correct word. (b) Give synonyms to the underlined words
  2. A. 5. Translate the sentences
  3. A. Complete the sentences according to the information in the text.
  4. A. Complete the sentences with the comparative forms of the adverbs in the box.
  5. A. Complete the sentences with the correct word. Use each word once only.
  6. A. Complete these sentences so that they refer to other people.
  7. A. Read the text about takeover and choose one of the three connectors to fill each gap.

1 . Small.. .are very often service industries. I 1 receipts

2. The... industries don't produce material I

goods. I 2 business

3. More than 80 per cent of all business I

...are not from sole proprietorships. I 3 service

4. Less than 20 per cent of European I
businesses are partnerships or... I 4 privately

5. Sole proprietorships...only a small part I

of all business receipts. I 5 account

6. Is this bank owned publicly or.. .? I 6 corporation

7. There are three...of business ownership. I 7 forms


Jim Hi, Alice. How are you getting on?

Alice Fine, as usual, thanks, Jim. What about you?

Jim I'm O.K. It's nice to see you.

Alice You too. I'm glad you are not in a hurry and we

have time to talk today.
Jim Sure.

Alice Can you give me a piece of advice?
Jim Well, I'll try if I can.
Alice You know I've been always good at cooking. It

interests me. I am thinking of starting my own

business - cafe.
Jim It might be a good idea.

I guess I must learn about the responsibilities of going into business.

Alice Jim   Alise Jim   Alise Jim   Alise   Jim

Are you going into this business by yourself?
Exactly. I'd like to have a cafe with my name on it
where I make the decisions and where I control
the profits.
You seem to be resolute so I'll try to help you. If
you go into business alone, it is called sole
proprietorship. In such case you needn't consult
a lawyer to form the business. You can start or
you can stop your business whenever you like.
It sounds encouraging. What else can you tell me?
There is no need to consult partners or a board of
directors. So you can put your policies into effect
quickly. You decide on your vocation, hours,
salary, hiring and firing.
Well, that's not bad.

Wait a moment. I believe I have to tell you about the risk involved.

What do you mean?

Alice   Jim Alise   Jim   Alise   Jim   Alise   Jim   Alise

First of all, the most important risk is that you have unlimited liability. It means that you are responsible for all your business debts.

So if the business fails, I have to declare personal bankruptcy, don't I?

That's what I mean. You can lose your personal assets.

Well, it's rather disappointing. What other things should I know?

You won't get tax benefits which partnerships or corporations can get.

I know about it. By the way do you know of a good accountant to do my taxes?

Of course. You'll also have to hire a good bookkeeper if you can't do your books yourself.

I can't say anything definite about that. I have to think it over. What else, Jim?

Well, I am a bit hungry, why don't we have a snack together and discuss the things in the cafe.

You are right as usual. Let's go.

piece of advice can you give me a piece of advice I am thinking of starting my own business responsibility to make decisions to control the profits sole proprietorship to need a lawyer it sounds encouraging to consult partners a board of directors to put policies into effect quickly to hire to fire to decide on vacation, hours, salary, hiring and firing

Active Vocabulary


не могли бы вы дать мне


я думаю о том, чтобы начать свое дело


принимать решения контролировать прибыль

частная собственность

нуждаться в юристе

это вдохновляет (звучит вдохновляюще) консультироваться с


совет директоров

быстро достичь хороших результатов



решать вопросы, связанные с отпуском, продолжительностью рабочего дня, зарплатой, наймом

to have, unlimited liability


иметь неограниченную юридическую ответственность

to be responsible for all business debts to fail to declare personal bankruptcy personal assets tax benefits to get tax benefits   accountant book-keeper to do books

нести ответственность за производственные долги терпеть неудачу

объявить личное банкротство личная собственность

льготы по налогообложению получить льготы по налогообложению

бухгалтер, счетовод бухгалтер, счетовод

вести бухгалтерский учет

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