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Carry on past the supermarket and it's on your right.

How long time does it take to walk?

Walk along Randall Street until you get to the library.

Turn right at the end of this street, and I think that's Park Road.

How long does it fake to walk?

About twenty minutes, I'd say.

Can you give me some directions?

i can try. Where do you want to go?

Excuse me, do you know where Park Road is?

Гит tight at the end of this street, and I think that's Park Road.

Excuse me, Where's the nearest post office?

Go down to the end of this street: (here's a posi office on the

comer. You can't miss it.

How can I get to the hospital, please?

Turn left just after the cafe - look, where that ambulance

is going.

b When you come out of the station, turn left, с Walk along Station Road for about fifty metres, d There's a bus stop on your right. Take a number 11 bus to Sandy Bay.

e Get off when you see a large petrol station on the comer.

f Cross the road and walk about 100 metres.

g Take the first turning on your left, where you see a sign

saying 'Holiday Apartments', h Go down the hill towards the sea - you'll see the 'Holiday

Apartments' office on your right. It's open from 9 to 5.

2 Leo, 3 Virgo, 4 Gemini, 5 Taurus b


You might have on argument with an important person today. If this happens, you'll need help. A friend or partner will be very useful to you. And who knows ... you might win the argument!


This will be another busy work day for you: you'll have all the normal things to do. but there may also be an extra job or two. But don't worry, you'll succeed! And think how happy you'll be when you finish!


You may have to choose between your public and your private life today. You won't spend much time with your loved ones until later in the week. Make sure they know you love them, or they may feel forgotten.


This will be your lucky day for education! If you're still at school, it'll be a good day for study - something you've always thought was too hard for you will be easy, if you've already left school, think about going back to your studies - you won't regret it!


There will be some money worries today. Check what you're spending - you may need to spend some extra money on travel, but if you buy something for a loved one, they may not thank you for it!

2 here

3 ate

4 right

road past

5 6

7 see

8 there

9 by 10 eight

b If you work hard, you'll pass all your exams,

с If you're late for class again, your teacher will get very annoyed.

d If you don't get up soon, you'll be late for class.

e If the train arrives on time, we'll be home before midnight.

f If you don't take a map, you'll get lost.

g If we see a restaurant, we'll stop for lunch.

b If e if h as soon as

с when f when i when

d before g Before

b There definitely won'f be ony snow tonight.

с Stefan will definitely be at home tomorrow.

d He probably won't know the answer to your question.

e We will definitely be able to give you an answer next week.


Which one is to thank someone for a birthday present? В Which one is from the owner of the Paradiso Cafe? A


1 saying why they are writing

2 saying why they are pleased with the present or with what the other person did

3 inviting the other person to do something

4 saying thank you again

places where you go shopping: a street market, a shopping mall things you can do on a computer: book online, play computer games, download files

things in the kitchen: a stove, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, a washing machine

things you can send: a text message, a letter, a fax things you can pay with: cash, a credit card, a charge card things that keep you warm: central heating, a coal lire things that keep you cool: an electric fan, air conditioning something you might do outside the cinema: queue up for tickets

module 10 1

b He used to have a moustache.

с He used to wear an old T-shirt.

d He used to have a very boring job.

e He used to work in a hamburger restaurant.

f He used to be poor.

b He didn't use to live in Scotland,

с He didn't use to drive a Rolls Royce.

d He didn't use to have a private plane,

e He didn't use to wear designer clothes

f He didn't use to have a good life.

Claudia used to have a bicycle, but she sold it when her parents gave her a motorbike.

My little brother used to hate vegetables. He always used to pul

them on my plate when I wasn't looking!

Last weekend we stayed in a little hotel by the sea, where

1 used to stay every year on family holidays.

There used to be a sweet shop on the comer of the street: I

remember we used to buy sweets on the way home from school

every day.

There used to be very few fast food restaurants in this town twenty years ago - now there are at least ten!


answering machine, video recorder

keyboard, screen, mouse, digital camera, printer

laptop, digital camera


b was reading с was playing d was becoming were sitting were watching was waiting

were singing

a Do you mind if

b if possible

с Does anyone know if

d if you like

e if I were you

1 asked my teacher if

I wonder if

if necessary

What if

I don't know if

1 1 was watching TV at home when someone came to the door.

2 My mother phoned while I was preparing dinner.

3 When we arrived home, some friends were waiting for us.

4 As I was walking along the street, I saw an old friend.

5 When I woke up, everyone was looking at me.

6 Jane saw another guest who was wearing exactly the same hat!

b 1 was watching

с Were your wife and children watching

d they weren't

e were they doing

f They were visiting

g was it raining

h it was

i Were you carrying

j 1 wasn't

к was it raining

1 it wasn't

m was your wife waiting

n she wasn't

module 11 1

Typical answers might be:

Walking in the country helps you to relax.

Driving very fast is dangerous.

Sunbathing is bad for you.

Working on a computer makes you tired.

Swimming in the sea is good fun.

logging is good for you.

Going to Ihe gym is good for you.

Travelling by plane is good fun.

Studying English is hard work / good fun, etc.

Climbing mountains is hard work.

Driving on Ihe motorway is very boring.

b plaster

с faints / come round

d antibiotics

e bandage / swelling

a take d have

b put e feel

с keep

10 2 5 2 8

luis л barf cetd has cut himself? has got a toothache? is bleeding?

has got a bad headache? is sneezing?

255 7 2004 20

24 3

1928 50 f allergic / rash g sting

h symptoms / dizzy

has got a bruise?

has got a stomache ache?

has broken his leg?

has got backache?

is coughing?

has got a swollen hand?

12 500

2 When I was young, I was interested in collecting stamps.

3 I'm very sorry, I'm not good at remembering people's names.

4 They left the restaurant without paying the bill.

5 Why don't you do something instead of just sitting there?

6 Are you frightened of walking alone at night?

7 Katrina's obsessed with making money.

8 My father was OK about lending me the car.

9 My sister is mad about shopping for clothes.

10 My husband isn't very keen on shopping for clothes.

с Joseph can't stand / really hates singing, but Jessica is keen on / likes it.

d They both really love / both really enjoy / are both crazy about reading.

e Joseph really loves / enjoys / is crazy about playing

computer games, but Jessica doesn't really like / isn't very keen on them.

f Joseph doesn't mind cooking, but Jessica really loves / enjoys /

is crazy about it. g They both really like / are both keen on chocolate, h Joseph doesn't really like / isn't very keen on doing /

homework, but lessica doesn't mind it.

headache /к/ electricity Ikl Is/ exercise Isl century Is/

crash Ik! backache /к/ children ftf/ school /к/

chest Ml cure Ik! accident Iks/


3 I'd like to speak

4 Would you like to go

5 would love to go

6 she doesn't like walking

7 would love to be

8 I'd like to go

b live

с smoking

d shopping

e eating

f drinking

g buying

h sleep

i shaking

j Getting к spending 1 listen

1 Christina 2 Lucia 3 Frank and Lottie

She refuses the invitation from Christina, because she is in Italy and Ihe engagement party is in Ireland (in Dublin).

1 That's a nice idea, but I'm afraid I've brought sandwiches.

2 It's OK. I'm not very good at It.

3 No, I wouldn't. Two children are enough!

4 I don't know, I've never tried them!

5 No, I hate it. It all sounds the same.

6 Yes, I'd love to. What's on?

That sounds great.

Thank you very much for inviting me to stay, it was so kind of you.

I'm afraid I won'i be able to come to your party. I'd love to come, but I'm going on an excursion. I'm looking forward to trying your husband's cooking. What a shame!

a chess, backgammon

b favourite football team

с coins

d stamps

e models

f dolls

g rock concert

h jewellery

i musical

j trading cards

к memorabilia

module 12 1

b P, с A, d A, e P, f A, g P, h A, i A, j P

2 excited

3 interested

4 frightened




8 relaxed

b is used с are bitten d are stolen

e are spoken f is covered g are killed

are lost

2 relaxing

3 bored

4 surprising

5 interested

tastes like feel like what I like you like

what are they like

2 decision

3 description

4 discussion

relaxing exciting worried tired

6 7 8 9 10




10 frightening

11 shocked

12 confusing

9 10

looks like feels like Would you like he likes like this




Where is Portuguese spoken?

in Brazil and Portugal

What is cola made of?

water, sugar and a secret ingredient

Where are text messages sent?

to mobile phones

Why is ice cream kept in a freezer?

to stop it melting

What is a torch used for?

to see in the dark

Where are sunglasses usually worn?

over your eyes

How is the passive made?

with 'be' and the past participle


1 fashion

2 ambition

3 obsession







2 b, 3 a, 4 a, 5 b, 6 a, 7 b, 8 a

2 education

3 discussion

4 relationship

5 decision




10 revision

11 fashion

12 nationality

b were bought

с was launched

d were given

e were filled

f was held

g were seen

h was known

i were worn

j was murdered к was attended 1 was comforted

Who were jeans designed by? Levi Strauss

Why were sunglasses worn by Chinese judges? So people couldn't see their eyes. Who was Chanel No. 5 introduced by? Coco Chanel.

When was the first DVD player manufactured? In 1997.

When was the disposable razor invented? About 100 years ago. How is Nike' pronounced? Nye-kee

Where is the Nike tick recognised? All over the world.


when you prepare food: matches, tin opener, penknife, portable siove

to keep you warm and/or dry: tent, sleeping bag, blanket, portable stove, waterproof jacket to carry things: coolbox, back pack, thermos flask when you need a light: matches, torch

module 13 1

b It's been raining for two hours.

с They've been playing tennis for half an hour.

d They've been walking for four hours.

A S16.5 million diamond was sold in Geneva in 1995. Diamonds are found in many countries, including South Africa and Brazil.

Colourless diamonds are made into jewels. Black diamonds are used in industry.

The Transvaal government gave the Cullinan diamond to King Edward VII,

The diamond was cut into smaller diamonds.

Peter Faberge made an egg which was sold for J5.5 million at


с for twenty minutes

d since he was born

e since Thursday

f since then

g since lasl week

h since nine o'clock

i Since this morning

j since you left school

к for six months

1 for an hour

m for twenty years

credit card driving licence identity card key

mobile phone

plaster razor

shaving foam umbrella

b since then

с since you left school

d since this morning

e since he was born

f since 1990 g for an hour h for twenty years

laugh Щ bought silent sign silent enough Ifl

6 signature Igl

7 height silent

8 greengrocer /g/

a Shall I to come and pick you up at the station?

b OK, let's go to that new cafe opposite the cinema,

с Yes, maybe I'll do that.

d You could take her to a concert, then go for dinner afterwards,

e Well, what about getting her a box of chocolates?

f Come on: why don't we go down to the river for a walk?

g You've got lots of nice clothes: how about this suit?

How long has he been working at the National Theatre? for a year

How long has he been working on Romeo and Juliet? for two weeks

How long has Bianca been living in England? since 1997 / for eight years How long has she been working at La Finca? for two years

How long has La Finca II been operating? for a week

How long has Kerry been living in England? since 2000 / for five years

How long has she been working as a swimming coach? since 2003 / for two years

How long has she been playing in a jazz band? for about a month

a tent

a portable stove some matches a coolbox a tin opener a penknife a sleeping bag

8 a back pack

9 a torch

10 a blanket

11 some insect repellent

12 a fishing rod

13 a waterproof jacket

14 a thermos flask

e I've liked chocolate for years,

f Have you known Sylvia for a long time?

h I haven't seen Michael for years and years,

i I've hated spinach since I was a child.

  You need to ... Salary
speak fluent English 6,000 baht
experience not essential good salary
be fit with a cheerful personality small salary
be qualified S800-1000 per month
  M T I V A T N
  С M M T T E V  
      T A L E N T    
    R G A N S E D
  D I С I P L N E  
    H N E S T      
  S Y M F A T H E T С
  L s T E N t R    
E К P E R I E N с E D  
      T О T A L L Y  
L A Z N E S S      

How is your sister feeling after the operation? d Mr Takamolo? George Harvey. How do you do? h I'm hungry. How about stopping at that cafe for some lunch? 1

How many people have you invited to the wedding? i Does anyone know how far it is to the nearest petrol station? a

9 10 11 12

How do you pronounce this word? Is it /ei/ or /ai/? к What a beautiful building. How old is it? f How long hove you had that ring? I've never seen it before, j I love your new haircut. How much did you pay for it? с How long does it take to get to the coast from here? g Hello Frankie. Haven't you grown! How tall are you now? b Haw do you moke tortilla? Eggs, potatoes and what else? e

'hello Si©[1]

l^m writing toVpply fota job as a member of your ©lamontCBblloon ©[ventures ground crew. I inclose a CV, ID photo and photocopy of my driving licence as requeste< I am avulable to start work immedlatly.

______ 1__________________ f

Thanks a lot

politeness mistake layout mistake punctuation mistake

374 Upper Road Islington London N1 2XG Tel. 02O73S9 1410 May 26th 2001 Dear Sir

The correct version is:

module 14


had paid hadn't slept hadn't seen had broken down

had won hadn't flown had left

b make a noise

с make a speech

d made / stay

e made some sandwiches

f made £15

11g made a mistake

h made a decision

i makes / laugh

j making / fee!

b come

с had remembered

d got

e had lived

f had not seen

were heard had left had been received

They wasted all the money we gave them.

lev leil lei

Have you read the book I lent you, by the way?

Ш /el /ei/

She said she'd pay me back at the end of April.

lei let/

lei Ш lane made a terrible mistake. lot lei/ lei leil


h fallen i knew j taken
b sang с driven d stole

e written f broken g seen

b When I got there the shop had just closed,

с 1 thought you had already met my brother.

d I had just finished dinner when the doorbell rang.

e We knew the way because we had been there before.

f When we got to the airport the plane had already left.

pieces of paper a £10 bank note about 2,700 years ago began to appear

But they weren't used in Europe

as people became rich a thing of the past

Only in theory.

No - the government stopped exchanging them in 1971. a) precious shells b) jewellery c) blocks of dried tea People in ancient Lydia (Turkey). About 2,700 years ago. In the eleventh century. In China. In the Middle Ages, 'smart cards'.

b I had never been skiing before.

с I wanted to speak to Philip, but he had already gone home, d Sally had never eaten frogs' legs before, e My friends had already ordered their food when I got to the restaurant.

f 1 had just left the house when it started to rain.


2 It's 2.4 dollars to the pound.

3 If I could just see your passport.

a 2, b 1, с 1, d 2, e 1, f 1  
2 lent j Philip waste of 1 lost
3 earn win  
4 paid back save up  
b in, с on, d into, e of, f by, g in, h out of, i to,
j for    
V la, 2 b, 3 b, 4 a. S a, 6 b, 7 b, 8 b, 9 b, 10 a
1 refund / receipt 2 shoplifting 3 sale / bargain

4 try / on

5 wrap it

6 window shopping

Can I have the bill please? Can I pay by credit card? is service included?

How much are these ties? I'll take this one.

I'd like to open a bank account. What documents do I need?

1 Title should be 'Mr'

2 First and last names are the wrong way round

3 Post code is missing

4 Area code for phone number is missing (416)

5 Card number is wrong: 4000 3121 5049 4849

6 Expiry date should be: 08/07

f hod / would take g spoke / would be h had / would get

b wouldn'1, с would, d wouldn't, e wouldn't, f would, g wouldn't, h would

b didn't work / wouldn't have

с would feel / didn't get up

d could / would you like

e would do / weren't

к 1



longer Soturn Neptune

Ihe pieces of ice in Saturn's rings Saturn

less than two days

the volcano 'Olympus Mons' on Mars Venus

a day on Jupiter Venus

more than one million



less than once

2 She wouldn't go out with him if he didn't have so much money.

3 If I could go on holiday anywhere in the world, I'd go to Florida.

4 Robert might do better at school if he did his homework regularly.

5 If you told her the truth, she might get very angry.

6 If you didn't drink so much coffee before going to bed, you might sleep better.

wrong whole

1 wrong/wrote

2 whole/whose

answer songwriter

3 students' own answers

b I'll с I'd d will

2 a, 3 a, 4 b, 5 a, 6 b, 7 a


I'll 111

h would i she'd

writing name's
unfortunately Rene
It's that's
different who
England English
and sitting
boring said
which/that ?
so 'Fine, thanks.
doctor getting
France friends

b No, he won't,

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